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Tioga Pass over Tehachapi and north on the former Southern Pacific Valley Route 11/14/2008 Part 4

by Chris Guenzler

Our train was curving towards Allard.

Looking back near Allard.

The view looking down towards Caliente Creek.

Our train was curving towards the west switch of Bealville.

Looking down at the tracks between Tunnels 2 and 1.

Two views looking back.

The Coast Starlight takes yet another curve.

The train came to the west switch at Bealville.

The train ran through the 219 foot Tunnel 2.

Our train was curving below Tuunel 2.

The west portal of Tunnel 2.

Curving towards Tunnel 1.

The train went through the 232 foot Tunnel 1.

The train exited the west portal of Tunnel 1.

The train was headed to the horseshoe curve at Caliente.

The train was dropping into Caliente.

Crossing the Caliente-Bealville Road and Tehachapi Creek for the last time.

The Coast Starlight rounds the Caliente Horseshoe Curve.

Looking back up to Cliff.

The train ran through Caliente

The trip through "The Narrows" between Caliente and Ilmon.

The switch at Ilmon.

There was interesting rip-rap along Caliente Creek.

The train crossed the bridge over Caliente Creek.

There is an intermediate signal between Ilmon and Bena.

A view looking back.

The bridge across Caliente Creek.

The train came to the switch at Bena.

Our train ran through Bena.

The train crossed the Walker Basin Creek.

The train was at the bottom of the short hill to Sandcut.

The train climbed the hill and was now in the San Joaquin Valley.

Taking the curve out of the Sandcut grade.

Looking back at Sandcut.

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