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Monterey Super Fall Foliage Excursion Train Part 2 10/11/2008

by Chris Guenzler

Rob and I went out on the rear open platform and I could not wait to see the run along the Sebowisha Bluff.

Our train took another of the many curves on this railroad.

The train passed beneath another local highway bridge.

Our train was running down a straight piece of track.

Our train crossed the Caney Fork River.

After crossing a local road, the train headed into the most scenic part of the trip running below the Sebowisha Bluff.

The train ran along the Sebowisha Bluff.

A derailed L&N Hopper Car was down in the bushes below the tracks.

Our train finished running below the Sebowisha Bluff and headed out across the bridge over the Caney Fork River.

The train crossed the Caney Fork River.

The Caney Fork River Bridge.

Our train ran beneath the Moss Bluff.

Our train's route passed thousands of trees as we headed east towards Monterey.

Trees with some slight Fall Colors.

The train came to Lancaster where you can see where the site of the Tennessee Central Station once stood.

There were plenty of ties that have been replaced along the route.

The train went by Lone Tree Hill.

The train takes the big curve to reach the bridge across Caney Fork River.

Our train was about to cross the Caney Fork River.

The train crossed the Caney Fork River.

The Caney Fork Bridge.

Our train started climbing away from the Caney Fork River.

Our journey continued passing through the many trees along our route.

We ran by another red barn along our route.

Then there was another barn as we traveled east towards Monterey.

The view looking back at the track and that hill.

You could see between the trees as we rolled east.

Our train was running through the Buffalo Valley.

The train crossed Interstate Highway 40.

Our train was running east towards the Town of Baxter.

The train then entered the Town of Baxter.

The train ran by the water tower for the Town of Baxter.

Our grade rolls up and down along this segment of the railroad.

Our train crested one of the many hills as we continued east.

The train came to the switch at Double Springs.

Kudzu plants take over everything if they are not controlled.

To me though they are pretty looking plants.

The train took the curves through the Kudzu plants.

They grow up the trees and choke off the life in the tree.

Our train was still passing through more forests.

The train went by the Milepost 90 with a 10 MPH sign.

There were classic cars at this auto dealership in Cookeville.

The Tennessee Central 4-6-0 (L&A) 509 {403} on display in Cookeville.

Also here is the Tennessee Central Caboose 9828 in Cookeville.

The Tennessee Central Cookeville Station still stands. With this picture taken, I returned through the train to my Dome seat for the continued trip to Monterey.

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