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Monterey Super Fall Foliage Excursion Train Part 3 10/11/2008

by Chris Guenzler

After we picked up a few people in Cookeville, we left there and headed for the hills that are between Cookeville and Monterey. Now enjoy some trees along our route as we climb the hill.

The trees were trying to change into Fall Colors.

Our train took another large curve.

There was a small lake along our train's route.

Our train continues to climb the grade.

The train took another curve.

The countryside opened up for a moment as we continued to climb.

The train took another curve.

More trees!

The bridge at the top of the hill is a popular photo location for train watchers.

Now we are descending the hill as we drop into Monterey.

Our train took another one of the many curves on this railroad.

Our train has reached the outskirts of Monterey.

Our train is arriving into Monterey. We are the first passenger train to arrive into Monterey in 45 years. Everyone on our train had to detrain as the City of Monterey had sold tickets from here to the Sand Spur where the power would run around the train before heading back. I headed to the front of the train for some pictures.

Two views of our train in Monterey. I then walked through town looking for something to eat. At the north end of town at the Monterey Senior Citizen Home I found what I needed.

Here I got first a hamburger followed by a pork sandwich. After using the restroom at the Senior Center I walked back towards the train and got to see it disappear around the corner as it headed towards the Sand Spur.

There was a classic car show and a Civil War Reenactment. I went to look for a good place to get the train coming back from the Sand Spur. We waited and finally moved into the shade. Later we learned that the passing track at the Sand Spur was 1200 feet but our train was 1205 feet. They had to cut off the first two locomotives to make the train fit. They then cut off the other two engines then our first two engines pushed the train past the fowling point. The other engines then ran around the train so they could be placed on the front of our train. That took over an hour to do. We finally heard an Amtrak horn and knew the train was returning from the Sand Spur. Soon the train came into view.

Our train had returned to Monterey in these views. I walked back to the train and boarded my Dome Car for the trip back for Nashville. On the way back I had the front seat in the Dome.

Our train left Monterey at 3 PM for Nashville after a very nice stay in Monterey. The train started to climb the hill between here and Cookeville. Now let's enjoy the views as we traveled up and over the hill.

Some Fall Colors could be seen as the train crossed over the ridge between Monterey and Cookeville.

The train passed under a traffic light in Cookeville as we dropped off two passengers there.

There was a little more color in these trees.

The train ran back by that barn again.

There was some interesting rock strata as we dropped down to the Caney Fork River.

The train crossed the Caney Fork River. This bridge was used in the Hunting Scene in the movie the Green Mile.

Our train climbed the hill west of that crossing of the Caney Fork River.

The train took a curve as we headed to the Moss Bluff.

The Caney Fork River. Next we ran beneath the Sebowisha Bluff.

Our train ran along the Sebowisha Bluff.

Our train was passing through the trees.

The sun had set on this great day of train riding in Tennessee.

The train took that big curve and I put the camera away. As it got dark we had the dome lights turned off so we could see out. First star games were played as Randy and I talked all the way back to Nashville which we arrived into at 7:50 PM, ending a great trip by the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. Randy drove me back to the Drake Inn and I called it a night.

Heading Home 10/12/2008

I woke up at 5:30 AM and after getting dressed I went to the Drake Inn office and the clerk printed my boarding pass. Rob arrived at 6:20 AM and soon we were off to the Nashville Airport. It took about 15 minutes to get there and soon I was going through Security and headed to wait for my flight reading my book, "The Innocent Man". Continental Airline Flight 2043 boarded at Gate A8 and we boarded the Embracer RJ145 Airplane. The plane left the gate at 8:16 AM CDT and took off at 8:26 AM.

The City of Nashville after we took off and banked to the north to head southwest towards Houston.

The Mississippi River as I was reading more of John Grisham "The Innocent Man". The plane landed at Houston at 10:15 AM CDT and after getting some Donuts I headed to Terminal E.

I headed to Terminal E on the Tram. I waited for Continental Airline Flight 1620 to board and at 11:45 AM I walked aboard the 737-700 airplane. We left the Gate at 12:20 PM CDT and took off at 12:31 PM. They showed the movie "Baby Mama" as we had to fly over the remains of that tropical storm that had hit the west coast of Mexico and was now drifting northeast over Texas and New Mexico. At one point you could even see the eye of the storm. After the movie it was back to my book. The plane landed at John Wayne Airport at 1:40 PM PDT and at 1:52 PM I was in the Terminal. My mother picked me up and soon I was home. Another register letter from the school district had come and they offered me a 3.75 hour position at Valley High School. I think they have lost their minds. I will stay at Jefferson and so much about this garbage about restoration of my job.