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A visit to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum 10/10/2008 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

It was now time to go outside to see the Tennessee Central Railway Museum's equipment.

Tennessee Central Dome Coach 9400, Budd 1954, NP 551/Amtrak 9478/9400.

Tennessee Central Coach 4719 Budd 48-seat, 1953 AT&SF 2841/Amtrak 4853/4719.

Tennessee Central Power Car 514 Railway Post Office 480 V/ 450 KW Power Car RI/BWDX.

Tennessee Central Power Car 1354 Baggage Car 480 V Power Car ex US Army 89610/Amtrak 1354.

Southern Sleeper P-S 10-6 2853.

B&LE F7A 719, 1952.

KWT GP7 300,1951 L&N 405.

B&LE F7A 715, 1952.

Amtrak F40PH 258.

Burlington Northern E9A 9912.

Tennessee Eastern B23-7 4257.

Tennessee Eastern B23-7 4228.

70 Toner 98.

Tennessee Central Caboose Wood w/Cupola 9857.

Southern Bay Window Caboose X358.

Nashville & Eastern Power Car 469.

Tennessee Central Mary Pitchford 102 built 1916 also known as the Palm Beach.

Extended Vision Caboose C&O 903325.

Huron Central Coach RRGX 4806.

Nashville & Eastern U36B 5772.

Silver Repose 2095.

RPCX 4802 Coach ACF, 1954 UP 5455/GTW 4802/SEMTA.

Illinois Central Caboose 9380.

Tennessee Central 7628 Budd 54-seat AT&SF 2835/Amtrak 4827/4714/7628 Clocker Coach.

Tennessee Central 8519 Diner New York Central 450 Grill Diner/Penn Central 4550/Amtrak 8519.

Tennessee Central 3113 Buffet-Diner-Lounge Budd 48-seat Amtrak .

Tennessee Central 4711 Budd 48-seat, 1953 AT&SF 2845/Amtrak 4857/4711.

Tennessee Central 4717 Budd 48-seat, 1953 AT&SF 2833/Amtrak 4825/4717.

Tennessee Central E8 6902, 1953 NYC 4084/PC/NJT/NG/BWDX

In memory of Bill Cawthon Engineer on the Tennessee Central 6902.

EMD F7B 715B, 1952 B&LE 715B.

EMD F7B 719B, 1952 B&LE 719B.

Amtrak F40PH 3754 and Tennessee Central SW8 52.

Tennessee Central SW8 52 ex USA 2038.

Baggage 85' 10090 "Silver Chest" 1940 Penn Central 9103/Amtrak 1181/1141.

Seaboard System M of W Tool Car 973437 Camp Car.

Flatcar 50' Tennessee Central 2795, 6/1956 WM 7030.

Southern Box Car 60' Sliding Door 43962.

Tennessee Central Box Car 50' Plug Door 170.

C&O Caboose Center Cupola 903657.

Westvaco SW1 4800, 1939 IC 9014, 600/RI 4800.

GMNW Box Car 12102.

A view looking east at the collection of railroad equipment that this museum has.

Tennessee Central SW8 52 ex USA 2038.

Tennessee Central Office Car 103 Silver Falcon SRR 10-6 Sleeper/rebuilt as a Private Car/Auto Train 9012.

Tennessee Central Lounge Car 4067 Spirit of Tennessee Budd, 1947 PRR/BWDX.

Tennessee Central 4739 Budd 48-seat, 1953 AT&SF 2856/Amtrak 4868/4739.

Tennessee Central 7206 Algood Budd 76-seat PRR 1579/Amtrak 7612.

Tennessee Central 4733 Budd 48-seat, 1953 AT&SF 2831/Amtrak 4823/4733.

Station Limit Sign.

D11 Stone Milepost.

Tennessee Central 3114 Buffet-Diner-Lounge Budd 48-seat SP 2991/Amtrak 3313/3114.

Stone Whistle Post.

Tennessee Central 1266 Concession Car Baggage Car ACF 72', 1955 Commissary Car AT&SF 3677/Amtrak 1165/1266.

Tennessee Central signal from Vine Hill, the only signal on the whole Tennessee Central. I thanked my tour guide who had other things to prepare for tomorrow's big trip. I went back into the office thanking them for a nice visit before I started my walk back to the Drake Inn. I stopped on the way back at a gas station for some Coca Cola and at Subway for a Roast Beef Sandwich I took back to the Drake Inn to eat before I wrote this story.

The painting in my room above my bed at the Drake Inn. I worked and finished this story before walking to get some dinner and then relaxing the rest of the evening.