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The Texas Eagle Detour Trip over the old CE&I

plus the Kansas City Rail Experience

by Chris Guenzler

This trip was put together quickly. I had a whole bunch of VCR tapes that Jim Nowell had donated to the Silver Rails Library to take back to La Plata. Once the Texas Eagle Detour was announced, there was only sleeping car space left so I bought on. I was booked on the Southwest Chief to Kansas City, a Missouri River Runner train to St Louis where I got a night at the Drury Inn. The next day the Texas Eagle and if all works out right the Southwest Chief to La Plata. The Depot Inn & Suites was sold out for Friday and Saturday nights so I decided to sleep out in the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point. Sunday night I would move into the Inn and on Monday I would borrow the van to chase the Union Pacific Challenger 3985. Tuesday night I would head home.

9/28/2010 After a Tuesday morning Solana Beach turn, I came home finished packing and just relaxed. After a 111 degree Monday it cooled off nicely by the time my mother drove me down to the Santa Ana Train Station where I saw Marty and did a Business Class upgrade since Guest Reward didn't give it to me. I used the elevators to get to Track 1 and watched trains come and go.

The old Metrolink emblem is being removed from their cars.

Being replaced by nothing.

Surfliner 583 9/28/2010

The train came into Santa Ana and I boarded Pacific Business Class for the trip to LAUPT. I worked on this story until Fullerton then relaxed the rest of the way to Los Angeles as I enjoyed the working Internet aboard. Santa Fe 3751 was seen at Redondo Jct minus its tender. The train arrived and a Red Cap gave me a ride over to Track 12 via Passenger Services where she dropped off a child.

Southwest Chief 4 9/28/2010

The train backed in with Engines 153 and 165, Baggage 1225, Sleepers 32081, 32103 Ohio and 32086 Kansas, Diner 38044, Lounge 33025 with Coaches 34102, 34109 and 31029. No Transition Car so no Room 17. After I stood outside for over 25 minutes my Car Attendant Jose, who had to work two cars, finally put me in Deluxe Room D in the 32081 Car and I was very happy with that decision. I got a 7:00 PM Dinner Reservation and just relaxed until I was called into the Dining Car after the train left LAUPT on time. I was seated with two ladies going to Framingham, MA and a gentleman going to Albuquerque. I was enjoying my steak as we stopped at Fullerton and had ice cream for dessert as we left. I went back to my Room D and put on my new CD of Selena Gomez and the Scene "A year without rain". The train stopped at Riverside and then San Bernardino where a tired Chris made up his room for the night.

9/29/2010 I woke up refreshed at Winslow and went to the Dining Car for a breakfast of French Toast and bacon. I was seated with two ladies, one going to Albuquerque and the other going to Lamy. After breakfast I went back to Room D where I shaved and showered.

The train was sprinted across the rest of Arizona and into New Mexico with me reading two days of USA Today. The train stopped at Gallup and I put on my David Bowie Live DVD and enjoyed the view out of both sides of the train as we sped east.

I love the open beauty of New Mexico. The Bowie DVD took me way past Dalies across the river into Albuquerque which we arrived into early at 11:25 AM. I found Randy Jackson who was going to Raton and then the bus to pick up his car from the APPRCO Trip last week. We went to my room and visited before he walked outside the train to the coach section to officially board. I put on my DVD of the Ramones Live and while that was playing the train left Albuquerque for Lamy. After Apache Canyon, Jose gave me a 5:00 PM Dinner Reservation. At Canyoncito we held the mainline for a few minutes late westbound Southwest Chief. We climbed up and over Glorieta Pass then down to the Pecos River. The Ramones finished before Glorieta so I then put on my Alice Cooper DVD "Live in Montreux 2005". By the way Alice Cooper is finally going into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. It's been a long wait for him.

The train ran by Starvation Peak.

This was an interesting scene this clear afternoon on the way to Las Vegas. The train ran onto Wagon Mound then made its sprint to Raton, our next station stop. At just before 5:00 PM I was called into the Dining Car and was seated with a couple from Arlington, Texas and a woman from Manhattan in New York City. I had the New York Steak and vanilla ice cream as the train climbed Raton Pass. The train dropped to Trinidad before we did the high speed run to La Junta which we arrived into early tonight at 7:00 PM. The train left La Junta, I made up my room and called it a night.

9/30/2010 My morning started getting up before Holiday, looking at my watch and realizing we wouldn't make the morning train to St Louis. I checked with the conductor who confirmed that fact. I put my luggage downstairs and enjoyed the last few minutes in Deluxe Room D. The train arrived into Kansas City just after the time it was supposed to leave. I talked with the new conductor who agreed to take the bags with the tapes to La Plata and would deliver them to Bob Cox. Bob called later to tell me he got them.

Kansas City 9/30/2010

I paid $2.20 to take the later train and then $3.00 to check my bag in during my stay in Kansas City. From there I walked out onto the Freight House Bridge where I would be spending plenty of my time today in KC.

The first train was the BNSF 7273 West with DPU's on the rear end.

Next came the BNSF 4141 East.

The 5453 West came through town next.

The Kansas City Terminal Railroad came by my location next.

KCT 3855.

KCT 2055.

BNSF 7549 East came through on a baretable train.

BNSF 7573 East followed along. From here I went back into the station.

The Kansas City Rail Experience 9/30/2010

Two views inside Kansas City Union Station. I bought my ticket for the 9:30 AM tour of the Kansas City Rail Experience.

I went back outside for a picture of the KCS 34. I went back in and waited until it was my time.

The first thing you see is this counter scene.

The lite up Union Pacific Emblem leads you to the stairs which you take down to get to the main exhibits.

Different railroad symbols are on the east wall as you head down the stairs.

Looking down the stairs.

Various train times from the stations former trains that served this station.

CTC Board and a modern operator.

The BNSF 8109 is a walk through exhibit and gives you the feel of a moving freight engine.

They have all sort of displays in this room.

A handcar on tracks you do not have to worry about tripping on.

A model of a UP Steam Engine.

Two famous trains that once served Kansas City Union Station.

Railroads and their merger partners.

Mock up of a MKT Passenger Car.

Railroad China and baskets.

More displays in this part of the exhibit.

Mock up of a MKT Passenger Car.

Another view of the BNSF 8109.

Two more display cases.

Mock up of a caboose coming out of a tunnel.

Three more display cases.

Mock up of a cattle car.

Inside the wooden caboose mock up.

Inside the mock up tunnel.

Baggage Cart with a man helping the woman. Next we walked through the door to the real trains.

The Texas Southern & Eastern platform observation car 100.

The Great Northern Empire Builder Going to the Sun Mountain Rounded End Observation Car 1292.

KCS 34.

Milwaukee Road Pullman 24 Jefferson River.

Outside on the mainline a loaded UP coal train heads eastbound.

One more view of the BNSF 8109.

Looking back down from where we had come from.

The KCS Sign as I headed to the model train display room.

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