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Back to Campo on the Three Kings Train 1/14/2004

by Chris Guenzler

Here are some pictures of the return trip of the Three Kings Trip to Campo.

The Tecate Police protected all the grade crossings for the Three Kings Train.

Climbing out of the Tecate Valley.

The beautiful Mexico landscape.

One of the great views from the Three Kings Train.

Still climbing to the border.

Curving towards the sand loading siding.

The portal of the remains on Tunnel 3 just ahead.

Out of the south portal of Tunnel 3 still stands.

North portal of Tunnel 3 and a half.

Approaching Tunnel 4 with the USA just over the hill.

At the USA/Mexican border looking back into Mexico.

Exiting Tunnel 4 and back in the USA.

The Three Kings Train having crossed lower Campo Creek.

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