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The Three Kings Train Gift Giving 1/14/2004

by Chris Guenzler

Outside the stadium, the families all lined up waiting to get in.

The stands were filled and families called out by sections, to exit out the stadium and enter through a gate by first base.

A stage was set up over the pitcher's mound to provide entertainment and announcements.

Children receiving their gifts.

A King giving a Nina a gift.

Another King giving a Nino a gift.

The children made there way by all the gift giving stations.

After the last one, some children couldn't wait to open their gift bags.

A few of the very happy children!

All through the late morning into the mid afternoon the children came.

It was a fantastic event just to watch.

It was a chance to witness happiness bought to children by many people's kind donations.

The stage was active during the whole event.

In through the gate by first base.

A lot of happiness provided on the way along the gift giving path.

Out through the third base gate. A special thanks to the over 300 volunteers who made the event possible.

The Tecate Police prepared to escort the Three Kings Train out of Tecate.

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