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To Tecate on the Three Kings Train 1/14/2004

by Chris Guenzler

Here are some of the pictures I took on the way to Tecate aboard the Three Kings Train.

Our train after it had backed into the Campo Depot.

The front of our decorated engine at Campo.

The door of the car welcoming us aboard the Three Kings Train to Tecate.

The California Highway 94 grade crossing south of Campo.

Our train headed to Mexico on a very beautiful day.

Passing the Chicken Ranch signpost.

Mexico was just over that hill.

Going by the Dog Patch signpost.

Passing through Division.

Crossing lower Campo Creek.

Looking out of Tunnel 4 back into the USA.

Exiting Tunnel 4 into the Mexican Daylight.

The train passing the Lindero signpost.

Tunnel 3 portal looking back at the speeder and Tunnel 3 and a half.

Descending towards Tecate.

Dad and his child after they picked a gift thrown by a King.

Almost into Tecate and our final destination.

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