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Travel Town Railroad Collection 3/26/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I finished up at Fillmore then drove to Travel Town in Griffith Park in Los Angeles and parked the car. I walked out along Zoo Drive for my first few pictures.

The view from Zoo Drive.

Southern Pacific Atlantic 4-4-2 3025.

Santa Maria Valley Railroad Mikado 2-8-2 1000.

One more view before I entered Travel Town.

A Horse Flat Car.

Santa Fe Railway 2-8-0 664 built 1899 by Baldwin.

Southern Pacific Atlantic 4-4-2 3025 built 1904 by Alco.

Santa Maria Valley Railroad Mikado 2-8-2 1000 built 1920 by Alco.

Southern Pacific 0-6-0 1273.

Los Angeles Harbor Department 0-4-0T 31 built 1921 by Davenport.

Los Angeles Harbor Department 0-4-0T 32 built 1914 by Alco.

Pickering Lumber Company Heisler 2 built 1918.

Camino-Placerville & Lake Tahoe 3-Truck Shay 2 built in 1922 by Lima.

Western Pacific 2-8-0 26 built by Alco in 1909.

Richfield Oil Tank Car 670 built 1911.

Western Pacific Caboose 754 built in 1910 by Haskell and Barker.

Stockton Terminal & Eastern 1 built 1864 by Norris-Lancaster.

Oahu Railway and Land Coach 1.

Oahu Railway and Land Combine Car 36.

Oahu Railway and Land Caboose 1.

The Travel Town Train came from the Melody Ranch. I will ride this train before leaving later.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority 1543 built 1911 by the America Car and Foundry.

Pacific Electric "Electra" 1544 built for the North Shore Railroad in 1902.

Union Pacific Caboose 2117 built 1881.

Union Pacific 0-6-0 4439 built in 1918.

Los Angeles Railway Horse Car is a 42 inch gauge built 1880.

Travel Town 1 "The Charley Atkins".

Sharp & Fellows Railroad Contractor Prairie 2-6-2 7 built in 1902.

Santa Fe M-177 built in 1929.

The tender United States Navy 61-02011.

Crane CSCV 1887.

California Western RS-12 56 built 1955 by Baldwin.

Interesting piece of railroad equipment.

Conrock 0-6-0T 1 built in 1925.

Union Pacific Sleeping Car Hunter Point built 1940.

Union Pacific Dining Car 3669 built 1921.

Union Pacific Dormitory/Club Car Little Nugget LA-701 built 1937.

Union Pacific Sleeping Car "Rose Bowl" built by the Pullman Company in 1937. After that picture I decided to go ride the Travel Town Train that loops the grounds for $2.50 and you get two laps around the grounds. Below are some views from aboard the train.

Just some of the great views you see from the train.

Municipal Railway of San Francisco Cable Car 28.

Two views from the final lap. I still had the inside of the building to see.

Melody Ranch Special Engine 1986.

Southern Pacific Baggage & Mail 12.

A couple of cars are here.

Vintage Cars and a Borden Milk Truck.

Standard Oil Company Tank Wagon and old fire wagon.

An old truck.

Republic Van and Storage Wagon.

Golden Farms Wagon 26.

Southern Pacific Stock Car 163 built 1890.

Southern Pacific Box Car 1 built 1890.

4-4-0 Model 25.

Two views of the Travel Town grounds.

Pennsylvania Railroad Dining Car 4418 built 1925.

Southern Pacific Chair Car 2513 built1910.

Santa Fe Snack Car 3355 built 1928.

I went out to the bridge to wait for the Travel Town Train to run below. With that my visit was complete and I drove home to Santa Ana ending a morning of rail adventures.