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Tribute to Amtrak Part 4 2006 and 2007.

by Chris Guenzler

Amtrak power led the Feather River Express westbound through the Honeymoon Tunnels on 4/2/2006.

Simplified Dining was experienced by myself on 4/13/2006 on the eastbound Southwest Chief. The food was very good but I found the servings to be smaller than before.

Capitol Limited Train 30 descending Sand Patch Grade at Fairhope, PA on 4/16/2006.

Keystone Train 642 Harrisburg to New York at Princeton Jct, NJ on 4/18/2006.

Acela Express 2151 Boston to Washington, DC on 4/18/2006.

The Pennsylvanian, the New York to Pittsburgh train on 4/18/2006.

Acela Express 2153 Boston to Washington, DC passing the Pennsylvanian at track speed on 4/18/2006.

The Cardinal Train 51 at Charlottesville Station on 4/19/2006.

The Southwest Chief at Chicago ready to start its journey to Los Angeles on 4/20/2006.

The Coast Starlight at Santa Barbara 5/20/2006.

Cascade Talgo 500 sped north south of Vader on 6/7/2006

Southwest Chief Train 4 picked me up in Fullerton, Ca on a trip that I would never forget on 4/25/2007.

I got my Millionth Rail Mile at MP 425.5 of BNSF Marceline Subdivision on the Missouri River Bridge east of Sibley, Missouri River Bridge exact time was 8:26 AM Central Daylight Time on 4/27/2007.

Southwest Chief ran through Marceline on 4/28/2007

Southwest Chief arrived into La Plata for me on 4/29/2007.

California Zephyr leaving Galesburg for Chicago on 4/29/2007.

California Zephyr Train 5 pulled into Galesburg on 4/29/2007.

Amtrak is now using the station in the Reno Trench on 5/1/2007.

California Zephyr at rest at Sacramento on 5/1/2007.

San Joaquin 702 At Sacramento on 5/2/2007.

Empire Builder Train 8 at Lighthouse Point, WA on 8/8/2007.

Southwest Chief comes below the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Loookout Point in La Plata on 8/12/2007.

The Cardinal during the crew changing stop at Huntington, West Virginia on 8/15/2007.

The Crescent came into Charlottesville on 8/15/2007.

The Piedmont at Salisbury, North Carolina on 8/16/2007.

Our sister Train 30, the Capitol Limited arrived into Washington Union Station to end its run on 8/26/2007.

Train 91, the Silver Star arrived in Washington, DC from New York on its way to Miami on 8/26/2007.

The Capitol Limited Train 29 at Washington Union Station on 8/26/2007.

The Southwest Chief at La Plata on 12/15/2007.

The Southwest Chief at Fort Madison, Iowa on 12/19/2007.

Coast Starlight Train 14 at Klamath Falls on 12/27/2007.

Cascade Talgo 506 ready to leave Portland Union Station for Seattle's King Street Station on 12/28/2007.

Empire Builder Train 8/28 at Whitefish, MT on 12/29/2007

City of New Orleans and Diner 37003 with All Day Cafe Menu on 12/30/2007.

The City of New Orleans at Memphis on 12/31/2007.

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