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Tribute to Amtrak Part 2 1996-1999

byChris Guenzler

The Lake Cities 353 waits in Pontiac, MI on 8/11/1996.

The International 364 with a VIA F40PH arrived in Battle Creek on 8/11/1996.

The Maple Leaf with FL9 484 waited at Albany on 8/12/1996.

The northbound Adirondack paused in Albany on 8/13/1996.

The southbound Vermonter 55 at White River Jct, VT on 8/14/1996.

The Silver Star in Tampa on 8/17/1996 when I had finished riding the entire Amtrak system.

The City of New Orleans and Sunset Limited shared the station tracks at New Orleans Union Station on 8/18/1996.

The eastbound Empire Builder train 8 at Essex, MT on 11/24/1996.

The San Joaquin with Horizon Cars at Stockton on 11/29/1996.

The Ethan Allen Express at Rutland on a rainy on 6/18/1997.

The Three Rivers at Harrisburg, PA on 6/19/1997.

Kansas City Mule 306 at Kansas City, MO on 10/11/1997. This train will be wyed and run back to St Louis as the St Louis Mule.

The Silver Palm at Richmond, Virginia on 10/15/1997.

The westbound Maple Leaf rested at Syracuse, New York on 10/16/1997.

The International 365 at Port Huron on 10/17/1997.

The Pacific Parlor Car became a part of the Coast Starlight Service here in Eugene in March 1998.

San Joaquin 715 near Planda, CA on 3/10/1998.

Lake Shore Limited at Albany, NY on 4/12/1998.

Silver Meteor at Jacksonville, FL on 4/14/1998.

Sunset Limited at Winter Park, FL on 4/14/1998.

The North Carolina state-sponsored Piedmont in Charlotte, NC on 4/15/1998.

The Crescent switching crews at Birmingham, AL on 4/16/1998.

The "Baby" Empire Builder at Vancouver, WA on 9/5/1998.

San Joaquin at Martinez on 8/7/1999.

California Zephyr at Omaha on 8/9/1999.

The Mt. Baker International at Vancouver, BC on 8/23/1999.

Sunset Limited at Tucson, AZ on 8/28/1999.

Texas Eagle at San Antonio, TX on 8/29/1999.

The Heartland Flyer waits to start the Fort Worth to Oklahoma City run on 8/29/1999.

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