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Tribute to Amtrak

Part 3 Year 2000 through 2005

by Chris Guenzler

An former Great Northern Dome car that started running on the Empire Builder up into the Amtrak Era then was assigned to Auto Train Service until it was replaced by Superliners. Amtrak West found it at the Beech Grove Shops along with two of theirs and put it into San Diegan Service and Special Train assignment. Here it rested in San Diego at Railroad Days there in 2000.

The Mt. Baker International came into Vancouver, BC on 4/20/2000.

The Coast Starlight waited to begin the trip in Seattle on 4/21/2000.

Amtrak was a sponsor of the United States Postal Train in 2000.

The short-lived Lake County Limited 342 at Grays Lake, IL on 6/22/2000.

The northbound Vermonter at White River Jct on 8/19/2000.

The Rohr Turboliner rebuilt by the State of New York pulled into Albany on 9/1/2000 and was being used in Empire State Service.

The Kentucky Cardinal 851 at Jeffersonville, IN on 9/3/2000.

Southwest Chief at Albuquerque, NM on 12/26/2000.

The International at Kalamazoo, MI on 1/1/2001.

San Joaquin 702 at Stockton having left Sacramento earlier in the morning for Bakersfield on 1/5/2001.

The Illinois Zephyr rolled through Aurora, IL on 6/17/2001.

The Carolinian, Train 79, pulled into Wilmington, Delaware on 12/30/2001.

The Downeaster Service at Portland, Maine on 12/31/2001.

The Acela Express at New Haven on 01/01/2002.

Northeast Corridor action at Bowie, Maryland on 1/2/2002.

Surfliner 568 pulled in Fullerton, CA on 1/5/2002.

The eastbound Empire Builder at Essex, MT on a bright sunny 4/2/2002 morning.

Surfliner-painted F40PH 415 led San Joaquin 701 into Modesto on 8/6/2002.

The Kentucky Cardinal was extended into Louisville before it was discontinued six months after this picture. Here it sat in front of Louisville Union Station on 12/28/2002.

Another Amtrak Super Bowl-operated train headed for San Diego through Santa Ana on 1/31/2001.

Surfliner 568 waited in Santa Ana on 4/27/2003.

Hiawatha Service 337 arrived into Milwaukee, WI from Chicago on 5/4/2003.

The Acela Express arrived into Baltimore, MD on 7/3/2003.

Keystone Service Train 662 waited for its departure time at Harrisburg, PA on 7/5/2003.

The Coast Starlight at Eugene, OR on 11/8/2003.

Cascade Talgo 500 after it had arrived in King Street Station in Seattle, WA on 11/9/2003.

San Joaquin 712 arrived in Martinez on 9/11/2003.

San Joaquin 711 at Merced, CA on 11/15/2003.

Capital 728 arrived in Martinez, CA on 11/15/2003.

The Coast Starlight at San Luis Obispo, CA on 2/13/2004.

Surfliner 583 pulled into Santa Ana on 2/27/2004.

Former Santa Fe High Level coach was on the Southwest Chief on 2/28/2003.

The Mail and Express business ended at the end of 2004 so the Southwest Chief would never look like this again. At Fullerton on 2/29/2004.

Surfliner 763 at Fullerton on 2/29/2004.

Surfliner 566 arrived at Fullerton on 2/29/2004.

Surfliner 768 arrived in San Diego beside a Coaster as I went down to America's Finest City to be a guest on the Internet Radio Show called "Let's Talk Trains".

The Southwest Chief crossed the Los Angeles River on 4/25/2004. sponsored the Sierra Coast Limited on the rear of the Coast Starlight and California Zephyr. Here it is at the end of the trip at the 8th Street Coach Yard in Los Angeles.

Coast Starlight 14 waited to start the trip to Seattle at LAUPT on 6/17/2004.

Cascade Talgo 507 leaving Seattlem, WA on 6/19/2004.

Empire Builder at Whitefish, MT on 6/20/2004.

The Southwest Chief left Chicago, IL on 6/22/2004.

The Texas Eagle leaves Chicago, IL with the now-standard single locomotive on 6/22/2004.

The Blue Water heads to Port Huron on 6/22/2004.

The Illini backed out of Chicago Union Station to the St. Charles Airline to begin its journey to Carbondale.

The Wolverine for Detroit and Pontiac leaves Chicago on 6/22/2004.

The Pere Marquette departed Chicago for Grand Rapids, MI on 7/22/2004.

City of New Orleans arrived into Hammond, LA on 6/23/2004.

The Empire Builder at Minot, ND on 7/5/2004.

The Empire Builder leaving Seattle, WA on 7/12/2004.

While waiting at Hanford, a dead-heading San Joaquin set passed through town on 7/21/2004 on its way south.

The California Zephyr detoured across Wyoming due to Moffat Tunnel work crossed Sherman Hill near Dale on 7/30/2004.

With no more Express Business, the Southwest Chief needs only two units as seen at Albuquerque on 11/12/2004.

The Sunset Limited at San Antonio, TX on 12/23/2004.

The Sunset Limited leaving Palm Springs on 1/24/2004.

The Anne Rutledge waits for its departure time for St Louis, MO and Chicago, IL.

I finally took a picture of the Cardinal at Huntington on 3/27/05.

The Trains Unlimited Tours NRHS Express took Amtrak engines onto the Siuslaw River Drawbridge on the Coos Bay line of the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad on 7/4/2005.

David Gunn, Amtrak President and CEO at King Street Station for the Relaunching of the Empire Builder Ceremony on 8/21/2005.

The Empire Builder at Whitefish, MT on 8/22/2005.

The Beach Grove at Havre, MT on 8/22/2005.

Amtrak CEO and myself at Havre, MT on 8/22/2005.

A dead-heading San Joaquin 714 trainset returning to the Oakland Yard on 8/24/2005.

An Oakland terminated Train 11, the Coast Starlight, returning through Jack London Square after running south to Niles and Newark to be turned for a trip north starting in Oakland on 11/24/2005.

Trains Unlimited Tours used the California Zephyr to get the Plaza Santa Fe and Silver Lariat to Sparks, NV on the Domes to the Feather River Railroad Days Tour on 8/26/2005.

Low-level Horizon Cars are used on Surfliner 798/799, the Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo train, seen at SLO on 11/11/2005.

The eastbound Southwest Chief departing Lamy, NM on 11/25/2005.

Sunset Limited Train 1 at El Paso, TX on 11/20/2005.

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