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Coast Starlight to Portland and the TriMet Green Line

by Chris Guenzler

This trip I had planned to do but somehow never got around to doing this. When my fantastic friends Bob and Elizabeth told me about the Royal Hudson running from Vancouver to White Rock and having never ridden behind the fine steam engine now would be my chance to do it. I got booked to Portland and I plan to ride the new Green Line once I got there. I would stay one night at my usual Days Inn out on 82nd Street. The next morning I would take MAX out to Beaverton to ride the Westside Express Service before taking the Talgo to Seattle meeting Bob and Elizabeth there. They would drop me off at a Casino to see Queensyche while they see a show in Seattle. The next day we would ride the Seattle Streetcar and the Seattle Light Rail plus do a few other things in Seattle. Sunday morning Bob would drive Elizabeth and I to the Edmonds Train Station and we would take the Cascade Train to Vancouver and Bob would drive there. We would be staying at the downtown Quality Inn. We would be riding the Skytrain Lines so I would get the rest of the Millennium Line that I hadn't ridden and the new Canada Line plus some other things around Vancouver. The next day would be the Royal Hudson Trip To White Rock and the bus back to Vancouver. We would head back to Bob's house in Lynwood. The next morning I would board the Coast Starlight in Seattle for home. It should be quite a trip!


I didn't sleep to well the night before this trip started so I was up early and did a bit of cleaning before I packed for this trip. My mother then drove me to the Santa Ana Station and I walked over to Track 1 via the grade crossing at Santa Ana Blvd.

A Metrolink train arrived into Santa Ana heading for Laguna Niguel.

Next the Union Pacific Costa Mesa Local passed through the Santa Ana Station heading to the connection south of the station to the former Southern Pacific Station.

Surfliner 763 2/3/2010

I boarded the lower level of Car 5 as the Cab Car was closed for a group boarding in Anaheim. It was a quick trip to LAUPT and soon I walked down to the Trax Lounge. There I enjoyed an Orange Juice and waited for Conductor Bobbie Lee to take my ticket. We all walked out to Track 9 where the Coast Starlight was waiting for us to board.

Metrolink trains came and went at Los Angeles Union Station.

Metrolink 800 is the protection power stationed at LAUPT.

Coast Starlight 14 2/3/2010

The Coast Starlight at rest at Los Angeles Union Station. The train had a consist of Engines 116 and 25, Baggage 1248, Transition 39019, Sleepers 32009 George Pullman and 32057, Pacific Parlour Car 39970 Columbia River, Diner 38046, Lounge 33019 with Coaches 34065, 34515 {Video Games Lower Level} and 34032 along with dead heading to Oakland 8201 San Francisco Bay. I have Room 5 in the George Pullman with the excellent Ron Harris as my Sleeping Car Attendant.

The rear end of the Coast Starlight before our on-time departure. My room is on the inland side of the train for this trip. I worked on this story and then cleaned up a few things on this computer. Out in the west San Fernando Valley I put on my CD of Kiss "Sonic Boom" which took me almost to Camarillo. I rode in the Pacific Parlour Car until lunch where I was seated with Chris from San Diego. I had the Angus Steak Burger which was excellent and the Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Later I took fresh air at Santa Barbara and found George Pullman still painted on the outside of this sleeping car. After that I put on my DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean "The Curse of the Black Pearl".

Inland view as we neared Vandenberg Air Force Base.

An ocean side view just before Surf.

The last view of the Pacific Ocean of the trip.

Dropping down into the Santa Maria Valley where we stopped to wait for Surfliner 798.

Down at Guadalupe the Santa Maria Valley Railroad was in town interchanging with the Union Pacific.

The Santa Maria River. My movie finished just before we arrived into San Luis Obispo, our next fresh air stop of the trip. We left SLO on time and I put on the bonus extra DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean "The Curse of the Black Pearl".

Our train on the Goldtree Horseshoe Curve. Our train crested Cuesta Grade then dropped into the upper Salinas Valley. I had a 5 PM Dinner Reservation and was seated with Rob from San Diego. I enjoyed a Steak and vanilla ice cream for my dinner. After dinner it was back to the bonus DVD as we traveled down the Salinas Valley after dark. We did a fresh air stop in Salinas and then learned that the Los Angeles 8th Street Yard did not water our sleeping car this morning and thus we are out of water until Sacramento where they can add water to this car. The DVD finished up after Gilroy and then I worked on this story some more. I put on my CD of Selena Gomez and the Scene "Kiss and Tell" as we headed to San Jose with me playing Solitaire on my computer. We arrived into San Jose forty five minutes early and had to sit until departure time. Being tired, I then made up my room and called it a night.


I woke up at 6:20 AM and prepared for my day. I went to the Dining Car for breakfast and was seated with a gentleman from Winnipeg. I enjoyed French Toast and sausage patties. I took a tea to go with me to the Pacific Parlour Car and sat down in one of those big comfortable chairs and then was recognized by a reader of my web site. The train then was closing in on Klamath Falls and I changed into my warmer clothes as we arrived into Klamath Falls at 7:25 AM and would be here a full hour. I stepped off to a pleasantly cold temperature at Klamath Falls.

The Coast Starlight in Klamath Falls starting to change crews.

Changing engine crews. The water problem has not been fixed as there is no vacuum in the water system that works. I decided to take a walk to get a few more pictures.

The Klamath Falls Amtrak Station from the Oak Street side.

I walked over and went south down the next street to the west and found an old passenger car. I returned to the train and read the Oregonian Newspaper until we left Klamath Falls on time. Next I put on my Fawlty Towers DVD Set for many laughs this morning. North of Klamath Lake we passed through miles of snow showers. We stopped briefly at Chemult before we climbed the grade up to Cascade Summit.

Odell Lake right before we plunged into the Cascade Summit Tunnel and we started down the west slope.

Scenes as we dropped down the grade from Cascade Summit. The Fawlty Towers first DVD plus extras took me all the way down to Oakridge and then I waited for my Lunch Reservation at Noon. I was seated with a couple going home to Spokane and a lady who had to get her food to go since she was detraining at Eugene and our train was going to arrive there early today. I had the Angus Steak Burger and Key Lime Pie for dessert. Back in my room I put on the second of the Fawlty Towers DVD set.

Two views of the Willamette Valley. The train traveled to Albany and Salem leaving both of those stations on time. The train made its way into the Portland where we arrived at 3:11 PM {3:40 PM} into Portland ending yet another excellent Amtrak trip. We were held on the train about ten minutes until the southbound Coast starlight left late today and soon I was walking through Portland Union Station and then out its front door.

Portland 2/4/2010

I walked over to the Green Line to board the first Green Line Train heading south to Portland State University.

TriMet Green Line

The newest Light Rail Line in Portland opened on September 12, 2009. It connects the main line just off of the Steel Bridge and runs south on both 5th and 6th Streets to the Portland State University which is the west end of it {1.8 miles}. At the Gateway Center they built the other new part south to the Clackamas Town Center {6.5 miles}. It serves the Portland Amtrak Station and you can now connect with any where on the Max System. This project was created to relieve congestion on the existing downtown Portland MAX alignment on Yamhill and Morrison Streets.

The train came into view to the Union Station NW 5th & Glisan Southbound Station.

I boarded this train in Car 406A and I started my ride on new trackage. The train headed south stopping at NW 5th & Couch Street, SW 5th & Oak Street and Pioneer Place SW 5th Ave which is a transfer station with the Blue and Red Lines. City Hall SW 5th & Jefferson Street was the next station and the line ends at the PSU Urban Center SW 5th & Mill Street with a connection here with the Portland Streetcar.

The train at the PSU Urban Center SW 5th & Mill Street Stations. All passengers must get off here and if you want to head back north you must walk southwest up some stairs to the PSU Urban Center SW 6th & Montgomery Street Station.

The train came into the PSU Urban Center SW 6th & Montgomery Street Station and I boarded Car 411A for my trip out to the Clackamas Town Center. You must check to make sure you're on a Green Line Train because this section is also served by the Yellow Line. Once on the move you cross the tracks of the Portland Streetcar. The first of the stations on this part of the line is SW 6th & Madison followed by the Pioneer Courthouse SW 6th your connection point for the Blue and Red Lines. The next stations were SW 6th & Pine, NW 6th & Davis and then the Union Station NW 6th & Hoyt Street. From here you turn east passing the south side of Portland Union Station then a wye and interlocking with the first tracks we rode this afternoon. A pair of tight turns takes us onto the Steel Bridge across the Willamette River and my new mileage ended for a few minutes. Riding east over the old route I had ridden many times I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Just east of the Gateway/NE 99th Transit Station, the transfer point to the Red and Blue Lines, we entered the new route towards the Clackamus Town Center and my new mileage started again aboard a Green Line Train. We ran on the east side of Interstate 206 to the first station at SE Main Street. Our route then went under Interstate 205 and would run on the west side of the busy freeway all the way south to the Clackamas Town Center. The next stations were SE Division Street, SE Powell Blvd, SE Holgate Blvd, Lents/SE Foster Road, SE Flavel Street and then SE Fuller Road. The line ends at the Clackamus Town Center Station and I detrained for a few pictures.

My train at the Clackamas Town Center Station. I reboarded and enjoyed the ride back to 82nd Street. There I walked up the stairs and checked into the Days Inn across the street for the night. It had been a good trip over the new Green Line and tomorrow the Westside Express awaits me!