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The Union Pacific Historical Society Convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming

by Chris Guenzler

Following my visit to the Colorado Railroad Museum it was time to head towards Laramie for the night. After I escaped Arvada, I headed north on Colorado Highway 121 and took it north to Broomfield where the road became US Highway 287. In Longmont when I came to the BNSF track I saw the station and made a stop.

The former Colorado & Southern Station in Longmont.

BNSF power at Longmont.

Someone wishes this could be true! From here I made a stop at Arby's in Fort Collins before driving north on a very scenic road into Wyoming and took the road to Hermosa on the west side of Sherman Hill for a few pictures of trains.

First this Union Pacific eastbound freight came east with a Canadian National unit in its consist.

The rear DPU was working hard pushing the train the last few miles to the summit of Sherman Hill.

Next another Union Pacific eastbound freight came with a patched Southern Pacific engine in its consist.

That ex SP unit still looked good going away.


The DPU working hard. That Silver car is my rental car by the way.

A few minutes later, this westbound Union Pacific freight came and I decided to follow him to Laramie.

I managed by seconds to beat him to the over crossing for this picture.

I managed to beat him to this rural crossing for my final picture. I did beat the train into Laramie and found the Motel 6 for the night. After I checked in I drove around to my room.

As I pulled up I found this waiting for me. It was a good evening.


The next morning I drove east over Sherman Hill through some fog but turned off at the exit to the Ames Monument.

I parked the car and walked towards it.

This sign explains why it is located here.

Views of the Ames Monument.

As I drove off I stopped for one last picture of the Ames Monument. I headed across Sherman Hill to Cheyenne and got to the Sinclair Gas Station in time to fill up the rental car before it ran out of fuel. It only has an eleven gallon tank I soon learned as I filled it up. I drove into the Little America Hotel parking lot then found the Union Pacific Historical Society Room and picked up my train ticket for tomorrow as well as paying for my 11:45 AM Shop Tour this morning. I then headed into Cheyenne to the former UP Station which now houses a museum and visitor center where I got directions to Lions Park and the other UP steam engine on display in town. I then walked across the bridge over the yard.

The Union Pacific Cheyenne Station.

There were two passenger trains in town. One is for our trip to Yoder tomorrow.

Overview of the Union Pacific Cheyenne Roundhouse area.

The CNW F-Unit.

The last DD40AX on the Union Pacific Railroad sits on the turntable for the Shop Tour.

Former Southern Pacific Car.

Former Southern Pacific Caboose.

The Union Pacific Steam Shop Building in Cheyenne.

Former Southern Pacific Car.

A UP westbound freight is leaving Cheyenne in this picture.

The UPRHS Shop Tour first group. I walked back to the car and I drove east to McDonalds for breakfast before making a stop in Holiday Park to see an old friend.

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4004.

A sign on the engine.

Rear views of the UP 4004.

Signs and a marker about the UP 4004.

One final view of the UP 4004. I drove next to Lions Park.

In Lions Park is this sign about the Union Pacific 1242.

Three views of the Union Pacific 4-6-0 1242 in Lions Park in Cheyenne. Next I decided to go find some trains.

As I turned onto the Lincoln Highway I saw a headlight and parked. I got this train passing under the former Colorado & Southern Bridge. I drove west of Cheyenne and went to a rural grade crossing and waited.

This train then came east. After taking pictures of him I decided to head west to Borie and went to the bridge that goes over the tracks.

Again it didn't take long for this eastbound UP stack train to pass by my location.


Next this UP Ballast Train with a pair of BNSF engines went by my location.

This sure was an interesting train to watch. I went back to the Little America to wait for my Shop Tour.

The Union Pacific Mini Train was here giving rides to anyone who wanted one. We soon saw the bus coming so I would soon be back in the Union Pacific Steam Shop.

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