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The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum 8/23/2007

by Chris Guenzler

The afternoon portion of the Tag Trip was a trip to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Since Chris had gone and got himself some lunch while I had checked E-mail and did a few other things, Chris got on a forward bus and I got on the rear near empty bus. He was now in Group Yellow which would go to the Grand Junction Station first while I being in the Green Group would go to the East Chattanooga Station and ride the train first. Our bus left at 2:15 PM and we passed the former Southern Freighthouse that I wanted to get a picture of before we left Chattanooga. We crossed over the Norfolk Southern DeButts Yard before we arrived at East Chattanooga Station. A picture or two before I would be boarding the train to the Grand Junction Station.

TVRM RSD1 8677.


TVRM RSD1 8869.

My first view of Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum ex United States Army 2-8-0 610.

Two more views of the TVRM 2-8-0 610. The consist of our TVRM Excursion Train was the TVRM 2-8-0 610, Open Window Coach 1000, Coaches 907 and 906 {Jim Crow}.

The TVRM 610 heading to the front of our train to pull us from East Chattanooga to the Grand Junction Station.

The Colored Section of the Jim Crow Coach 906.

The White Section of the Jim Crow Coach 906.

The division is the boundary between where the two races were once required to sit.

Our excursion train then left East Chattanooga.

Looking back at the TVRM Shops which we will be seeing later this extremely hot and humid afternoon.

Curving out of the East Chattanooga yard limits.

The line into Chattanooga.

Taking a curve.

Entering the Missionary Ridge Tunnel.

Exiting the Missionary Ridge Tunnel.

A look back at the Missionary Ridge Tunnel.

Passing Milepost 1.

Taking another curve through the forest.

Crossing over Tunnel Blvd.

About to take a curve.

Crossing over the CSX Chattanooga-Atlanta mainline.

Stored TVRM equipment along our route.

About to cross Chickamauga Creek.

Chickamauga Creek.

The train had now reached the Grand Junction Station area.

We are on one leg of the wye here.

We pulled into the wye tail as far as we could.

Backing around the wye.

Group Yellow is waiting for us to come around the wye so they get a photo runby.

Still backing up.

Starting to pull forward to Grand Junction Station.

A nice photo line.

Group Yellow is ready to board but first Group Green must detrain. I saw Chris who was ready to board.

Two views of our train at the Grand Junction Station.

We made our photo line and waited in the shade until it was their departure time. It was a great show!



Norfolk Southern 2879.


Boston T RDC

An eastbound Norfolk Southern freight passed by the Grand Junction Station.

Canadian National 4-6-2 6288.

Hartford Slocomb Railroad RS-1 913

Atlantic Coast Line Diner.

Wabash Caboose 2774.

Tennessee Valley Museum Car.

Eden Isle 98 along with Clover Colony.

Traveler Fare 3148.

TVRM 531


TVRM Passenger Car.

Central of Georgia 4-4-0 349.

DuPont Tank Car.

Long Island Railroad Caboose 58.

TVRM Passenger Car.

A nice line up of engines.

Two Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Passenger Cars.

Another shot of the line up of motive power.

Grand Junction Station where I enjoyed a refreshing Coca-Cola on a day that broke the 104 degree mark. When we heard the steam train returning we all went outside to get our pictures.

The Excursion Train returned to Grand Junction and headed straight to the wye.

Wying the steam train.

Ready to come forward.

Our excursion train comes into the Grand Junction Station and we all board as soon as the other passengers detrain.

Another Norfolk Southern westbound train of auto racks.

A long motive power consist leads the next train eastbound. With a toot of a whistle we were off to East Chattanooga with me enjoying the air conditioning in the Central of Georgia Jim Crow Coach 906.

We passed more passenger cars on a siding down the hill on the return trip which was peaceful and cool. At East Chattanooga we returned to the afternoon heat of the day.

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