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Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Part 2 8/23/2007

by Chris Guenzler.

We arrived into the East Chattanooga Station and we all detrained.

The engine was cut off from the train.

The two RSD1s share a space out in the sun.

Coming out onto the East Chattanooga Turntable.

Spinning the TVRM 610 around the turntable.

The TVRM 610 left the turntable to return to its train. Chris would be getting on that train to return to Grand Junction Station.

RSD1 8669.

RSD1 8677.

Swedish train.

One of the early Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Cars.

TVRM F7B 919.

TVRM F7A 814.

Central of Georgia RS3 109.

TVRM GP-7L 1824.

NC&SL Baldwin VO1000 36 {not original}

EMD Switcher.

Two engines under cover.

Kentucky & Tennessee 2-8-2 10.


Another steam engine.

Yard scene at TVRM.

A TVRM Passenger Car.

Southern Railway Mikado 4501 through the shop's doorway.

Southern Railway 2-8-0 630 undergoing a complete restoration.

Southern Railway E8A 6914 under restoration.

A rear view of Southern Railway 4501.

TVRM GP9 in for work next to the Southern 4501.

Southern Railway 2-8-0 630 undergoing a complete restoration.

The rear of the Southern 4501.

Scenes around the TVRM Shop.

One more view of Southern 630.

More views of the beautiful Southern Railway 4501.

Another yard view back in the heat!

The East Chattanooga Station.

NC&SL Caboose.

Yard view.

One last view of that crane.

A single bus came to take two bus loads of passengers back to the Chattanooga Choo Choo. We all wanted to go the direct route back to the hotel after being out on the hottest day in history in Chattanooga. The bus driver and the Civil War Tour Guide gave us a tour of Chattanooga that no one on this bus wanted. We finally returned to the Chattanooga Choo Choo where Chris Parker and I drove to the Mount Vernon Restaurant. After such a great meal, we returned to the Chattanooga Choo Choo where I ended a long hot day with a nice shower in the room. Tomorrow we are going down into Georgia but that is another story.