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A Chase of the Union Pacific 844 Coffeyville, Kansas north!

by Chris Guenzler

4/24/2010 On the way home from Winfield I stopped by Coffeyville to see the Union Pacific 844.

The Union Pacific 844 and train at Coffeyville.

The Union Pacific 844 at Coffeyville.

Two more views of the Union Pacific 844. I returned to Parsons to the Best Western for the night.

4/25/2010 I got up and had a Continental Breakfast before checking out and gassed up the rental car. From here I decided to see what railroad things are in Parsons before I left town.

Union Pacific 7236 South at Parsons.

The old KATY Shops in Parsons.

HLCX 3828 at Parsons. From here I left town on Kansas Highway 400 heading west to US Highway 75 which I took south to Independence, Kansas.

The old Missouri Pacific Station in Independence, Kansas.

The SKOL Bridge at Independence still has a Santa Fe emblem on it. Realizing that trying to get through Independence I might not be able to catch the Union Pacific 844 again for a long while if I shot it south of town, I decided to head north and pick my first my first spot with good highway access. I picked the small town of Sycamore, Kansas and parked at the grade crossing facing out. I met a former Verizon phone user who had nothing but problems with it like I do. A while later we started hearing the Union Pacific 844's whistle and soon saw smoke approaching our location.

Union Pacific 844 passing through Sycamore, Kansas. I headed back on US Highway 75 and joined the chase. In Neodesha, Kansas I watched it cross the highway right in front of me. All the chasers got ahead of the Union Pacific 844 and would pick their next photo locations.

North of Buffalo, Kansas we all beat it to the US 75 bridge over the tracks and set up for my next series of pictures. I saw the smoke and then heard that whistle again and here came the Union Pacific 844 around the corner into view.

The Union Pacific 844 put on a fine show as it passed our photo location. Next we all headed to the Yates Center/Durant servicing stop.

The Union Pacific 844 pulling in to the Yates Center/Durant servicing stop. I then headed north up US 75 to Kansas Highway 57 which I took to Leroy, Kansas and set up for my next series of photos this morning.

The Union Pacific 844 passing through Leroy. I quickly got back on Kansas Highway 57 which I took to US Highway 169 which I went north on. North of Garnett I started seeing people at grade crossings and I knew I was ahead of the Union Pacific 844. I parked across the highway and walked over to the grade crossing for the next series of photos.

The Union Pacific 844 east of Garnett, Kansas. Back in the car I got by those stupid people who have to pace the engine.

Just before that, I took this picture of the Union Pacific 844 as I was driving. I got ahead to the next good grade crossing with a curve and set up for my next pictures.

The Union Pacific 844 took this curve and I was back in the car again. Once again I passed the pack and made it into Osawatomie, Kansas and set up for my next series of pictures. It was too bad the Missouri Pacific Heritage Unit was gone. Soon I heard the whistle and then saw the smoke as the Union Pacific 844 approached.

The Union Pacific 844 passing through Osawatomie, Kansas. With a servicing stop at Paola, I went to KFC and picked up two breast filets to go and then headed to the Kansas Highway 68 overpass. I had my lunch as I waited for my final series of pictures of the Union Pacific 844 today. I saw smoke and heard the whistle and before long the Union Pacific 844 came into view.

My final views of the Union Pacific 844 and with it now gone it was time to head back to La Plata. It was back onto US Highway 169 heading north towards Kansas City.

BNSF 2660 at Hillsdale.

BNSF 3205 at Hillsdale. I gassed the car up again at Olathe then took Interstate 35 north through Kansas City but had to go to exit at Exit 8 to turn around to exit at Exit 6 which was closed northbound. No detour signs. I got on Missouri Highway 210 but had a stop to make right away.

The Norfolk Southern engine facility at North Kansas City.

Norfolk Southern 9585 at North Kansas City. I continued east on Missouri Highway 210 which I took to Richmond and then headed south down into Henrietta.

Henrietta Santa Fe Station.

UP 7868 West passed through Henrietta. Back to now Highway 10 I took it east to Hardin when I saw something to take a picture of.

A switcher at a grain silo in Hardin, Missouri. I went east on MO Highway 10 but at Norbourne I found the highway closed to flooding with no detour signs. I went into Casey's to get directions. I took Road D north and later crossed the old CB&Q at what would be another nice photo location in the future. Road M was closed to flooding but when I reached Road W it was open. It crossed the CB&Q which produced another nice photo location. I took this road to US Highway 65 where I crossed the CB&Q again at another nice photo location for the future and went north when I got to Road J it was closed for bridge repair with no detour signs. I took Road H to Missouri Highway 139 crossed the CB&Q two more times as I passed through Sumner. Once back on US Highway 36 I went east to Macon stopped at KFC before I headed to La Plata for my two night stay at the Depot Inn & Suites in the Pullman Suite. I had been a great day and it was always a true pleasure to see the Union Pacific 844.