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The Union Pacific Museum Council Bluffs, IA 11/12/2010

by Chris Guenzler

Coming from Golden Spike Park it took me a few minutes to find it but I did and parked a block away and feed the parking meter.

This building houses the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in downtown Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The sign out in front. You walk down stairs into the Union Pacific Museum which is free but you can donate which I did. They will have you sign your name and where you are from. You either take the elevator or stairs to reach the two floors of exhibits.

This tail end car mockup greets visitors to the second floor of exhibits.

Bison and the Native Americans.

Railroad Surveyor Camp.

The Transcontinental Railroad is born.

Linking east to west.

The Transcontinental Railroad.

Union Pacific 119.

Central Pacific Jupiter.

The great moment in Railroad History May 10, 1869.

Standard Time.

Wanted farmers.

Neat artwork.

Fire hose.

Law and Order.

Growth and development.

A typical station office.


The Big Boy.

The Power to Pull.

Freight car wheels.

Great looking displays are throughout this fantastic museum.

Models of Union Pacific Motive Power.

Couplers and Brakes.

Cabooses and engine terminals.

A set of couplers.

Keeping it in the groove.

Model of Union Pacific Motor Car 13.

McKeen's Motorized Dream.

The Power to Pull.

Union Pacific Transfer Hotels.

Union Pacific Timetables and Information Folders.

Union Pacific Time of Trains.

Take a trip through Time

How museums tell our story.

A unique display.

Sun Valley.

National Parks served by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Sun Valley.

The Traveling Public Amtrak.

Hurrah for Hollywood.

Golden Spike to the Silver Screen.

The Nation's Bedroom.

Opportunity but not Equality.

The Original Iron Chefs.

Rolling Restaurants.

Union Pacific Dining Car.

Dining Car China.

Dining Car Menus.

UP City of Los Angeles materials.

Union Pacific Issued Uniforms.

Union Pacific Dinning Car Equipment.

Union Pacific Dining China.

Coach Class.

A Union Pacific Lounge Car.

A Union Pacific Coach.

UP M1000 A Little Zip.

Changing of the Guard.

The Streamliners.

Union Pacific The Streamliner.

Take a seat and decide for yourself.

Travel UP.

See the West Travel UP.

Take a seat and decide for yourself.

All of the train's workers.

A trip through Time.

The road to the future is not a road at all.

Working on the railroad.

Build the track.

Test the track


Make a trip plan.

Power the train.

How does it work?

The yard.

Build the train.

Train symbols.

Dispatching a Train.

A set of locomotive horns.

Take a Ride in a locomotive simulator which gave me the quickest trip ever through the Moffat Tunnel. All in three seconds and I was at Winter Park. I thanked the hosts for an excellent visit to the Union Pacific Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa.