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The Union Pacific Historical Society Convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming Part 2

The Union Pacific Steam Shop Tour 7/9/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I was back at the Little America early for my 11:45 AM Union Pacific Steam Shop Tour.

The bus dropped off the earlier Shop Tour before picking us up and driving us to the Union Pacific Steam Shop. After we got there we toured the shop as one group.

The shop working area with the machines needed to keep the Union Pacific Steam Fleet running.

The room where the plans are drawn and stored.

Our Tour Guide is a Fireman in the Union Pacific Steam Program and would answer any question one might have.

More work equipment.

The draw bars of the Union Pacific 3985.

Locomotive Cab of the Union Pacific 3985.

The Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 3985.

Two more views around the shop building.

Another view of the Union Pacific 3985.

Union Pacific 4-8-4 844.

Union Pacific E9A 949.

Union Pacific 3985.

The drop pit for taking off wheels.

Our tour guide answering questions. Next we got to tour the cab of the Union Pacific 844.

The Cab of the Union Pacific 844.

Union Pacific 3985.

Union Pacific E-9A 941.

Union Pacific Water Tender for Steam Engine use.

Inside the Union Pacific Steam Tool Car which can do almost anything when the steam engines are out on the road. Next we went outside.

View around the turntable from behind.

The other Rio Grande B-unit that I once rode behind on the Rio Grande Zephyr.

CNW F Unit 401.

Union Pacific 966B.

Union Pacific Steam Tender for the UP 838.

Union Pacific E8A 928.

Another view of the CNW F-unit 401.

Union Pacific Caboose on a flat car.

Union Pacific Dining Car.

Ex Southern Pacific SW-1500 Y1062.

Union Pacific DD-40AX 6936.

The ex Rio Grande B unit.

Cabooses from railroads past.

Union Pacific E8A 928.

Union Pacific DD-40AX 6936.

More equipment around the roundhouse.

The Union Pacific Arden.

Another ex Southern Pacific Car. Next we went inside the roundhouse.

Union Pacific 4-8-4 838 parts source for the UP 844.

Union Pacific 2-10-2 5511.

UP freight passing the Cheyenne Station.

Union Pacific operating Rotary Snow Plow.

Roundhouse scene.

Sherman Hill Model Railroad and Union Pacific Business Car Selma.

Roundhouse scene.

Union Pacific freight passing the Cheyenne Station.

Tender of the Union Pacific 3985.

Cab of Union Pacific 5511.

Ex Union Pacific Gas Turbine Tender.

Union Pacific Fuel Tank Cars 6 and 7. We all boarded the bus for the trip back to the Little America Hotel.

Union Pacific Rotary Snow Plow.

Two ex Rio Grande Cabooses.

Union Pacific Snow Fighting Car.

The last unpatched Rio Grande Unit SD-40T-2 5371. The bus drove us back to the Little America ending an excellent Union Pacific Steam Shop Tour in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


After the bus brought me back to the Little America Hotel, I drove out to Lincoln Highway and saw a headlight coming. I parked across the crossing and set up for this picture. After that I checked into the Motel 6 and worked on stories the rest of the day.

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