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Views around the Via Rail Station in Vancouver

by Chris Guenzler

Each day I would walk over to the Via Rail of Canada Pacific Central Station to look at the Canadian Passenger Trains.

Via Rail 6305, an FP-9, had brought the Canadian all the way from Toronto to Vancouver.

CN 9151, an F7AU, had brought the Super Continental in from Winnipeg.

Via 6635 an F9B.

Via 6310, an FP-9R ready to take the Super Continental east.

Via 6635 F9-B.

Via 6623 F9-B.

Via 6303 FP-9A rested outside at the Via Engine Facility.

Via 6309, an FP9R, had brought the westbound Canadian.

Via 6510 had arrived into Vancouver after coming in from Winnipeg.

Via Canadian Train 2 ready for departure later this evening from Vancouver.

Heading that train was the Via 6305.

Via Tremblast Park brought up the rear of the Canadian.

I found the CP Huntington 192 on a flat car. I enjoyed looking at all of the Via Rail equipment and who would have ever thought that five years later I would start riding Via Rail and complete the whole system in August of 2000.

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