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The Virginia Museum of Transportation 6/28/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We will continue our tour.

At the east end of the Railyard there is a play area for the kids.

Washington DC Transit PCC 1470.

One last view of the Norfolk & Western 611 and 1218.

Bell and a driving wheel.

Telegraph key and station master.

The African American History on the Norfolk & Western Railroad.

NS 9503 outside the museum. Bev offered to take me around Roanoke to see the rest of their collection and other railroad related things.

Two views of one of the Lost Engines the Norfolk & Western 1151. These engines were rescued from a scrap yard in Roanoke just last year.

A look back into the museum. From here we went to the Roanoke Yard.

They also own this Budweiser Beer Car, Steam Crane 527665 with boom car 514902 and Wabash Railroad E8A 1109, the 10,000 loco built by EMD.

Wabash Railroad E8A 1109, Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac E8A 1002 and a Virginian Railway Hopper Car 107768.

Southern Railway Jim Crow Car 1662, Central of Georgia SD-7 197, a Conrail Crane and Conrail ex Erie SDP-45 6670. From here Bev drove me to the Shaffers Crossing yard tower on the hill on the west side of the yard.

Two views of the hump power.

Views of the Norfolk Southern Roanoke Yard. From here we drove down to the shops.

Shop views.

There was a line of motive power along the south side.

These engines cleared so we could see these other ones.

NS B-23-7 4011.

Fire damaged NS 9146. Bev then took me onto the grounds.

Views around the Roanoke Shops.

The Norfolk Southern mainline outside the shops.


Three views of the boiler shop.

NS sign of the Roanoke Shops.

NS power on the wye track.

BMEX 259.

One more of the Roanoke shops. Bev and I went back to the museum and I thanked him for the excellent tour of the Virginia Transportation Museum. I now would see what else is in this fascinating museum. I walked first into a hall dedicated to the automobile. So lets take a look.

A very nice collection of cars and other things.

A storefront in the main hallway of the museum. I went upstairs.

Looking down on the model railroad. Now lets look at the Circus Exhibit.

I always liked the circus and this exhibit was first rate. I walked out to the front and said thanks to the ticket seller before leaving the Virginia Transportation Museum.

The rocket that stands to the east of the freight house the museum is in.

Two views along the Rail Walk of Roanoke.

Two last views of the Norfolk Southern in Roanoke. I was so happy that I finally got to visit the Virginia Transportation Museum and got to see the Norfolk & Western 611.