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Photo Freight on the Whitewater Valley Railroad 4/14/2007

The day before the photo freight

by Chris Guenzler

4/13/2007 We had just finished our tour of Amtrak's Beech Grove Shops and stopped at a gas station for some snacks. Chris Parker and I then took US 52 to Rushville, where we spotted a railroad display. We pulled into the parking lot for a look.

A replica Baltimore and Ohio Station and a wooden B&O Caboose were both on display.

The B&O Caboose.

Another view of this railroad display in Rushville.

Another view of that caboose. We left but then I had an idea so we drove over to the tracks to check for any trains.

We found the real Rushville station which was boarded-up. We drove east on Indiana 44 to Connersville and found the Whitewater Valley Railroad tracks, which we followed south to the shop area. We parked the car and looked around the yard.

Cargill GE 70-ton WVRR 210 ex Calumet & Hecla Copper.

Armco Lima LS-1000 709.

New York Central 9339 ex Procter & Gamble Company 9.

New York Central B-10W 0-6-0.

Patapsco and Black Rivers S-12 346.

CUT LS-750 25.

Views at the south end of the Whitewater Valley yard.

CUT LS-750 25 on a passenger train.

More views of CUT LS-750 25.

The former NYC/B&O Dearborn Tower from Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

B&O Caboose C 2028.

Railway Express Agency REX 6435.

New York Central 9339 on a freight train.

Nickel Plate Caboose 759.

B&O Caboose C 2232.

B&O Caboose C 2125.

Connersville Lion's Club Caboose.

Soo Line SD-10 532 ex Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.

Amherst DS-4-4-1000 99.

Whitewater Valley Caboose C 2129.

EJ&E Caboose 321.

Muncie and Western Railroad GE 70 Toner 8.

Erie Caboose 0-4946.

Southwest Portland Cement 0-4-0T 11.

Whitewater Valley 70 Toner 210.

Yard scene.

Whitewater Valley Plymouth 2561.

Caboose frame.

FSM 2-6-2 100.


EBT 0-6-0 6.

Me by the Plymouth. Chris and I decided to go to our hotel to check in. Along the railroad north of town, we spotted some engines sitting along the highway. The Connersville and New Castle Railroad has a small shop here so we pulled over.

The C&NC Railroad Shop.

JTPX SW-1200 1208.

JTPX SW-1200 221.

Ex Wisconsin Central SW-1200 1236.

Ex Conrail B23-7 3182.

Ex Santa Fe GP7u 1344.

Rescar GP9 4532.

CMUR GP38 20. After these picture we checked into the Woodbridge Inn and put our luggage in our room. We then drove south on Indiana Highway 1 to Metamora and the Hearthstone Restaurant which just happened to be the best restaurant in this part of the state.

The Hearthstone Restaurant where I enjoyed a New York Steak.

After dinner it was time for a picture across the road where we found Lock 24, known as Millville or Gordon's Lock. We returned to the Whitewater Valley Railroad yard and watched some of the night photo activities.

After that we decided to find the Amtrak station, which turned out to be just a platform for the Cardinal's stop. We returned to the Woodbridge Inn for the night. Tomorrow would be the Whitewater Photo Freight.

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