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A northbound Autorack train streaks by at Glendale. (CSX ex B&O to Toledo, M.P. 15)






My Goal:

My goal of this website is to showcase the Railroads in and around Cincinnati through pictures. I hope to make this website fully intergrated one day, so if you see a picture of a CSX train at Glendale, you can go to a page that gives links to all pictures taken at Glendale. I hope one day, I'll also be able to host other peoples pictures that illustrate Cincinnati Railroads.

The Concept:

I’ll admit it; I stole this idea from John P. Almeida who has a very successful Railfan Picture of the Week for the Philly area railroads. For a couple of months, I would visit his website daily, hoping to catch something new, and usually I was rewarded daily. I soon began to realize that we did not have anything like this for Cincinnati railroads. So this is it. This is the Cincinnati Railfan Pictures of the Week website.






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