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Central Indiana & Ohio Railroad

CIOR Decals

The CIOR decals are made by Gary Collins of GMCRail.

GMC Decals, Unique Decal Solutions For The Discriminating Model Railroader!

This was the very first CIOR logo. Plain and simple, it conveyed a shortline in simplicity. This logo didn't last long and was applied to only a few engines. Currently there is NO equipment wearing this logo.
The second logo for CIOR was developed after the purchase of the Rock Island line. This logo was called the "States Logo" to reflect the name of CIOR. This logo is still in service on several units and is still being applied to various freight cars on the system, and used on system grain cars.
The current CIOR logo is called the "Future Logo" and sports a split image of the CIOR with Central spelled inside the split.

This is not a real railroad, this is a model railroad. This site is in no way affiliated with any actual railroad and is in no way connected with any of them.