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Central Indiana & Ohio Railroad

CIOR Reconstruction Progress

I decided to make a page that will cover the reconstruction of the layout. The Muncie District will rise in place of the Dunreith District.

In this portion of the site I will discuss the ongoing progress of the Muncie District, what issues are being faced and the reasons we are making changes to the layout.

If you would like to follow along with pictures, please visit here to view the latest images. Lost of Demo going on...


Spent the evening cleaning off the remaining scenery stuff from the layout (ground foam, and such) and got it all cleaned up. I packed up the remaining cars on the layout, and have it all cleared off. Hopefully the remaining foam work will be out by Friday. The self imposed deadline for foam removal is Friday night, as Saturday will be the big day of benchwork removal.
Progress is being made, I removed all the foam scenery base from the layout starting at Dunreith and worked west to Charlottesville, by the end of the night the scenery was gone to CP-Riley. There was a casualty to a BLMA signal bridge at some point during the last session that no one informed me of. The basement is a mess right now and hopefully won't be for too long! All in the name of progress!
I had the help of Mark, Christian and Scott to help in the start of deconstruction on the Dunreith District today. As soon as the final train was officially put off duty the op session was OVER and we decided to get progress moving. Quickly we had all the trees, buildings, scenery details and other misc details gone, totally off the layout. The only thing that remained were the signals, track and base scenery.