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Central Indiana & Ohio Railroad

CIOR's Video Gallery

Filmed during 2-2-08 Op sessions ending, you can get a good idea of the layout. You will see the CATS software used to dispatch the layout. See never before filmed sections of the layout.

Railfan Greenfield Indiana and Henry Indiana, see SP power, CSX, Conrail, PLE and much more on the CIOR's Dunreith District.

The installation of the modern signals is taking effect, watch as a coal train uses CP-Riley to get around his train, watch the signals tell the crew what to do.

Some video shot from May 19th Ops session. This video was all shot during the 3rd trick of the Ops session. Sit back and listen to the crew and dispatcher converse as the trains roll across east central Indiana.

At a little pull over spot on US40 we found a location where the tracks were lower then the road, here we catch some rare action. Watch the Conrail GP38-2's lead Amtrak's National Limited.

Trying to pace a train on the CIOR is tough, as the P&LE lead local proved, but we managed to get some other trains at Franklin Rd. (CP-Thorne) on Indy's east side.

A picture perfect meet at Henry Indiana, Coal meets Freight.

A CIOR local drag freight rolls through Charlottesville Indiana and onto Greenfield enroute to Indianapolis and Hawthorn Yard.

A CIOR extra running with a rare train, grain in the front and hot auto parts in the rear.

A CIOR freight led by a KCS engine heads east toward Richmond, as a CIOR #215 Intermodal overtakes it on #2 track at CP-Riley.

Spend a few hours of the day trackside at CP-Riley and catch the CIOR action at this busy interlocking.

Railfan the entire railroad from Indy east to Richmond on a nice spring day.