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Links Worth Looking At

Links Worth Looking At

The following are Web sites that feature railroad photography that is a good cut above the average.

Total CSX Railfans -- A site dedicated to CSX, including excellent action photos of many of the railroad's subdivisions and service lanes.

Dust in the Wind -- Blair Kooistra's wonderful illustrated article about the last years of Milwaukee Road's Coast Division

Daylight Images -- Steve Barry's site.  Steve is a photographer, writer, and editor of Railfan and Railroad magazine.   My only question:  Steve, why are the two photos on Daylight Images' home page night shots?

Somewhere West of Denver -- Chuck Donaldson's collection of photography featuring railroads of the West Coast. -- Bob Harbison's extensive rail-related web site.  Includes photography, discussion forums, a chat room, and over 2,500 links to other railroad sites.

Rick's Train Server -- 54,000 railroad photographs.  Of course, not all of them are great photographic art, but the sheer size of this site warrants its inclusion here.

And then there's the ClevelandRails discussion group, an E-mail discussion group for talking about railroading in the Cleveland, Ohio area, past, present and future.