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Welcome to the Coastal Mountain Railroad's home page. Formed in the early 1990's, Coastal Mountain Railroad is an HO scale modular railroad whose members have interests in not only many of the major east coast railroads but also several of the major western railroads. Although not meant to represent a large contemporary mainline such as CSX, the modeling does attempt to capture an active branch-line set in New England or the Pacific Northwest during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

In the early days of the club, the members decided to follow some of the guidelines of the National Model Railroad Association(NMRA). The first two tracks are set to the NMRA standards but the club decided to move the third track back an extra inch to create the appearance of a siding track instead of a three track mainline. The club also decided to build turn-around loops and an inside corner along with the straight modules to create a flexible layout that can conform to any given space. Our minimum size layout is 60 feet long by 4 feet wide. In that space, over two complete scale mile of mainline track is easily created. We have no fixed club layout and only run at public or private shows.

Like the real railroads, we adhere to a schedule which has been created to move a variety of freight and passenger traffic around the layout. We use local trains to service the industries along the mainline and divisional freights to move cars to and from our yards.

The Coastal Mountain Railroad is currently using NCE/DCC to operate the layout. The systems allows us to control each locomotive

independently of the other locomotives on the same track. Each locomotive has a small computer chip installed in it to allow this type of operation.

We operate both steam and diesels, and when one of us has not been paying close attention to what we are doing, you might just see one of our operating cranes coming to the rescue. So come and enjoy the sights and sounds of the miniature world of the Coastal Mountain Railroad.

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