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CMRC - Basic DCC Setup

Concord Model Railroad Club

Basic DCC Setup

Our normal show setup is an oval shaped layout, with a wye leading to our four track staging yard. The oval is usually made up of both single and double-track modules from the CMRC and CVMRC.

Our SystemOne DCC system has two dual-block bosters. We set one block up as a reversing section ("R") to feed the staging yard. Solid rail joiners are used to connect to the wye. Insolated gaps are built into the wye. Two fully insolated gaps separate the layout into two blocks "A", and "B". One half on one booster is left unused. The red lines illustrate the electrical gaps.


We have packaged our SystemOne components in two boxes. Each box contains a 10A step-down transformer, and one dual-output booster. The SystemOne master is in the primary box. A 25ft coiled phone cable connects the control bus between the two boxes.

Cab Bus

There are two Cab Bus connectors in the upper right corner of the primary SystemOne box. One connector is normally used to supply the fixed cab bus for the CVMRC modules; the second connector is for the NCE wireless antenna. The remaining connector, on the SystemOne chassis, can be used for a wired SystemOne throttle.


Engines do not cross gaps

Engines should smoothly cross from "A" to "B". If they do not cross the gap smoothly, the the two blocks are out of phase. This is fixed by swaping the two spade connectors for one of the blocks.

Problems entering or exiting the Wye

Engines should smoothly enter and exit the wye. Check the switches on the booster. Blocks "A" and "B" should be set to "Run", and the block feeding the staging yard should be set to "Reverse".