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These links are included as a service to people looking for railroad information, relating to both model and prototype railroading. The listing of a link on this page does not imply an endorsement of the contents by the Concord Model Railroad Club, nor can the CMRC be held responsible for the contents of these sites. Want your site listed here? Find a broken link? Think that your site is in the wrong place? Please contact the webmaster. Thanks.

Related Links

"Related Links" are links to products, vendors, or information that the Concord Model Railroad Club relies on. These may also be links to additional information on topics that we have discussed at meetings, and the link has been placed here for quick reference.

The NMRA Seacoast Division
Serving Maine and New Hampshire in the Northeastern Region.

Connecticut Valley Model Railroad Club
The Connecticut Valley Model Railroad Club are our friends to the north. Our two clubs have worked together, and supported each others' shows for many years.
JMRI DCC Software
Quoting their website... "The JMRI project is building tools for model railroad computer control. We want it to be usable to as many people as possible, so we're building it in Java to run anywhere, and we're trying to make it independent of specific hardware systems." JMRI interfaces with both Digitrax and SystemOne systems, and many more.
North Coast Engineering
North Coast Engineering is the maker of the "POWERHOUSE PRO" series of DCC products. Early on, they partnered with the late Don Wangrow, the producer of the SystemOne DCC products. Although SystemOne components are no longer produced, compatibility exists with the NCE components. Some new NCE components will work with the heritage SystemOne components.

Contributed Links

"Contributed Links" are links to other railroad related websites.

Historical Societies

  • Flying Yankee Restoration Group - New Website!
  • Contoocook Riverway Association - Restored Station, and Coach
  • Gorham Historical Society - Restored Station, and layout in a boxcar!
  • Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society
  • Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts
  • Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Inc.
  • Friends of Bedford Depot Park
  • Railway Preservation News
  • Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum Operating a restored 1896 trolley car
  • Mystic Valley Railway Society
  • Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Rail Historical Society - B&M 3713 Restoration

    Prototype Railroads

  • New England Southern Railroad, Canterbury NH
  • Vermont Rail System
  • The Old Colony & Newport Scenic Railway
  • PanAm Railways, was Guilford Rail System, B&M, MEC, D&H, etc...
  • Winnipesaukee & Hobo Railroads
  • Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • Conway Scenic Railroad
  • Amtrak
  • Edaville Railroad
  • Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club
  • Fallen Flag Railroad Photos, Visit the B&M section.
  • AAR Railfan Club
  • Providence & Worcester RR - Yahoo! E-Group
  • Vermont Rail System and Rutland
  • Yet another website devoted to the Boston & Maine Railroad
  • Model Railroads

  • White River Southern Railroad, Tyler's alternative future Northern Main Line
  • Worcester Central Lines, The Route of the Worcester Model Railroaders
  • RPI RR Heritage Exhibit
  • Model Train magazine index - (1933 to present)
  • The Internet Train Club, the highball to model trains on the web.
  • THE GAUGE - Model Railroading Chat Forum
  • Mike McNamara's Home Page - Modeling the MEC, BM, CP, CV and LVRC in the "Northeast Kingdom

    Online Resources

  • Boston Line Track Charts
  • JMRI - DecoderPro
  • JMRI - PanelPro
  • Chuck Petlick's New England Railroad Site
  • NERAIL - New England Rail mailing list and photo archive.
  • Remebering the Rutland
  • Scott's Railroad Archaeology Page
  • Rail Trails in NH, VT & ME and links to other resources!
  • Rails USA
  • Railroad Stations in New Hampshire
  • Railroad Stations in Massachusetts
  • Railroad.Net News, Forums, and more...
  • New England Trains & Railroading
  • Color Landform Map of the United States
  • Library of Congress Railroad Map Collection
  • Commerical Vendors

  • ModelTech Studios - North Hampton NH; Model Railroad Kits and Details; N, HO, & O
  • Finished Models - North Hampton NH; Built Up Railroad Kits and Details; N, HO, & O
  • 106 Race Park Hobby Store - Concord's local hobby store.
  • Backdrop Warehouse - Impressive photo backdrops! See the samples at the club.
  • Discount Trains Online
  • Pleasant View Cottage and Caboose - Easton Valley Road, Franconia NH.
  • Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - Makers of lasercut wood kits, from B&M prototypes.
  • Art Source International - Seller of Antique Maps and Globes
  • Trains On Track
  • Maine Heritage Products - Pens made from wood from scrapped B&M passenger cars.
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