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The center rail is all that needs to be passed on between tables as the common ground
is a BIG ONE and best be done w/heavy-lugged ground strap between ground terminals
on adjacent tables... ( #8 or #10 stranded wire w/crimped lugs )... A standard 6 pin plug
& jack set will then accommodate 6 tracks... Honestly, Larry if you are not going to
move your tables often, you really don't need plugs & jacks between tables... A simple
jumper wire w/lugs to connect to a terminal strip works very well & is cost effective...
A lot of building time is saved if you don't use plugs & jacks... They really are needed
only for portable layouts...

CNWMRC has standardized on Radio Shack #16 double-zip type black/red 2 wire power
cable... It is available in 25ft & 500ft rolls... it is quite inexpensive & readily available...
The 2 colors are nice, but they really are only good for keeping you from seeing all the
same color during a trouble-shooting session... Multi-Colored jumpers were tried early in
Clubs Modules & they looked too "busy"... CNWMRC has standardized on #14 solid
conducter electrical fixture wire, colors red & black, type THHN, available in 500ft rolls
at any Electrical Shop, for all track under table wiring... Short #22 solid wire jumpers are
used to connect under table wiring to track... All of the above wiring will handle 10 amp
power loads, either DC or AC, Are good enough for trouble free DCC, Ok for Crest DC
Engine Radio Control, and are in compliance w/NMRA Module Standards... This is a
result of 3-4 years of ongoing problem solving by all club members... Club HO track is
Atlas Code 100 flex track, turnouts are Peco Code 100, all give trouble-free operation
on our modules...