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CNWMRC History



Columbia Northwestern Model Railroad Club has been around since 1996.


The Columbia Northwestern Model Railroad Club is a not for profit corporation, registered in the State
of Oregon. In order to satisfy the state, we have a President, a Secretary, a set of
Corporate Bylaws, and an Annual Meeting. Most of our policies and procedures are
spelled out in standing rules, rather than in our bylaws.

Our meetings are fairly informal. When we feel the need for formality, we follow Roberts
rules of Order. Most of the time our group discussions end with some feeling of group
concensus, and we then sort of 'forget' to take a formal vote.

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00PM and do workshop on Saturday at 11am and we meet at
351 Silverside St in Hammond, Oregon. Every 4th Tuesday evenings usually begin with a business meeting, which we keep as brief as we can. Then
on to working on the layout, and especially to running trains.

When we are at home in our layout building, we try to constantly improve the layout. If a
particular locomotive or car has difficulty at a specific place on the layout, we stop and fix
the problem. We are targetting smooth operation during our shows, and this is one way
to get there.