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The official Colorado Time-Table website is now at

This original site is being kept as a non-updated "archive site".

Brief History Of The Colorado-TimeTable:

  • The original printed Colorado-TimeTable newspaper was started sometime around ??1991 by Steve Shoe in Denver Colorado.
  • After Steve's death sometime around ??1999 resulting from an auto accident, the publication was taken over by Jason and Anna Midyette in Niwot, Colorado.
  • In 2008 it was sold again, and taken over by Jay Wimer in Chama, NM; at the new website listed above.
- by James Ingram, original webmaster, Dec 2008

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The 'Colorado Time-Table' website lists model and prototype railroad contacts within the State of Colorado.


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Colorado Club Contacts
List of contacts for Colorado model railroad clubs, show organizers, tourist railroads, and other Colorado railroad-related associations
Railroad Links
Other links not included on the above "clubs" page
Restaurant List
List of Colorado restaurants with either an operating model railroad, or else some kind of a railroad-related theme
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  This page created Dec 1997, and modified 12/19/2008 by . . James R. Ingram . . Williamsport PA