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Railroad Links

My personal favorite railroad websites for reservations, information, other writers, photographers, etc.

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Rail ransportation Providers (N. America):


Via Rail Canada

GrandLuxe Rail Journeys - Formerly: American Orient Express



TrainWeb - All the rail info you could ask for!

USA RAIL GUIDE- Photos of every single Amtrak station!

Trainorders - Discussions, Live Webcams, and more.

RailForum - Railroad Discussion Board - More rail information & discussion boards.

Train Stories - Amazing Railroading Stories by Ken Lothridge

Lets Talk Trains - Internet Radio Show, dedicated to trains!


Personal Sites with other Travelogues, Photos, etc.

Steve Grande - Travelogues dating back to the 90's.

Carl Morrison - Excellent written travelogues with lots of photos!

Chris Guenzler - Tons of travelgoues, photos, and more.

Ray Burns - Great Travelogues and Photos!

Richard Elgenson - Great travelogues and Photos!

PaulB - Great Amtrak interior photos!

George W. Garedi - Amtrak Downeaster Photos

Del Monte Club Car - Great travelogues and photos by James Toy

Amtrak Pages - Travelogues and photos by Joanthon Ortiz

JkChubbes - Rail Photography by Jacob