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Railcars - Speeders, Velocipedes, Handcars, etc.

My Rail Vehicles

My definition of "Rail Vehicles" are speeders, handcars, velocipedes, etc. Here is a description of each of them. \

Speeders -

Speeders were used decades ago for railroad track crews to inspect, work, etc. on tracks. In the 21st century, speeders are no longer seen on large railroads, however have become a very popular hobby among railraod enthusiasts. A good looking speeder can be purchased for less then $5,000 and can be ran by you at Excursions on private railroads all throughout the nation. I currently do not own a speeder, however I am considering purchasing one withing the next few years.

Speeder for sale.

Velocipedes & Handcars -

These unique railroad artifcats are self-propelled and great for exercise and recreational use. Unfortunetly however, they are extremely hard to locate and can easily cost around $2,000. That is about the same price as a speeder in moderate condition. Therefore many people choose to instead invest in a motorized car such as a speeder. My local railroad museum has a Velocipede on display, and I am currently in the process of taking measurements to construct my own using parts from a hardware store. It will be an interesting project, and will be my first step into having my own railcar.



HyRail Trucks -

HyRail vehicles are just modern pick-up trucks with customized railroad wheels that can easily go between railroad tracks and roads. They are very common among freight railroads nationwide, and a modern pick-up truck can be easily used for railroad tracks with these proper adjustments.

A Hyrail trucks on a freight RR.


My Current Project:

At the present time, my only project will be building a fresh Railroad Velocipede using a concept authentic model currently at the Lomita Railroad Museum located in Lomita, CA. This is going to be relatively difficult but will be a fun project and a good alternative to spending $2,000. This page will be continiously updated as I work on this project.

The Velocipede at the Lomita RR Museum which I will be creating a replica of.



3/31: Groundbreaking -- Will be acquiring measurements shortly.