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After much time, I have finally uploaded some of my videos online. I have been shooting railroad video since 2002, however I have had some technical difficulty getting everything online. For one thing, Video files are around 50MB each, and that is a huge amount of space for this TrainWeb Hosting Account. Therefore, I am now using YouTube and PhotoBucket to host all my videos which appear on this site. This is much easier, and will also allow the videos to load much faster for your viewing. However, the quality is not nearly as good as it is directly off my camera...

My videos include: The Coast Starlight, The Southwest Chief, The Pacific Surfliner, Trenitalia, Cisalpino, and the Nevada Northern Railway. Please note, I am still working to have all videos available. Right now, these 7 are available:


NEW Alex Kummant speaking in Los Angeles - COMING SOON!

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #792 Arriving in Santa Barbara with the Great Dome

Amtrak Southwest Chief #3 Arriving in Albuquerque

Amtrak Southwest Chief #4 Arriving in La Plata, MO

Amtrak Southwest Chief #3 Arriving in La Plata, MO

BNSF passing La Plata, MO on a very cold Winter Night

BNSF passing La Plata, MO at night

BNSF passing La Plata, MO with UP lead locomotives

My Canon ZR100


These links are my personal favorite commercialy produced videos having to do with railroads. Most of them are television commercials, etc.

NEW 2007 Amtrak TV Commercial

American Orient Express: Ad Clips from PBS documentary

PBS News Hour: Interview with David Gunn

Amtrak "Escape" Ad

Amtrak Coast Starlight "Sleeper" Ad

Amtrak Coast Starlight "Dining Car" Ad

Norfolk Southern Television Ads

Pacific Surfliner Train Collides with a Semi Truck at a Grade Crossing in Oxnard, CA.

Pacific Surfliner Cab Ride Videos from Facing Point Media

Live Railroad Webcams along the West Coast from Trainweb

Tehachapi and Dunsmuir rail cams from Trainorders (Paid membership required)

Domestic and International rail cams from RailServe

Purchase professionaly made rail videos from a wide variety of companies

Purchase Quality made Railroad videos from modern day diesel to Steam.


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