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Columbus Railfan Online Milepost 135- CP 138 Gallery

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Milepost 135 - CP 138

CSX Columbus Line


NS Weber Connection

South of Weber Rd, the Norfolk Southern  Weber Connection breaks away from and  runes parallel  to the NS Sandusky Line and CSX Columbus Line.  The NS Sandusky Line turns east at 11th Ave. but the Weber Connection and CSX Columbus Line continue on south  to CP-138.  Both lines share the same milepost in this area.   The CSX Columbus Line is the old Conrail main and the   Norfolk Southern  Weber Connection is part of the old Conrail Clintonville siding.  This area is 3-4 miles south of Cooke Rd. and 3-4 miles north of the now closed Scioto Tower.                          

    Milepost 135



Milepost 136, 5th Ave.




CP 138


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