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This is CSX eastbound Q108 with BNSF power doing the honors. Notice the orange air-conditioner on the second unit.  Doesn't seem to match that beautiful warbonnet scheme.
Here is a NS westbound(north)train M85 just passing the station. The second UP unit is one of those AC44/60CW's#7027.

Here is a CSX westbound just passing CP101 with an ex.Con SD60M and C36-7.  Better catch the shots of those old boats because they may be gone before we know it.
Here is the newly painted EL caboose.  It really looks neat on the rear end of the local. This is in the Kenton Ave. Yard in Marion.

This is train L368 goin around the connection track and it appears to have some lease units from FURX and CEFX. 
I just love SD45's and CEFX did make them look sharp.

This is Q598 again on another day.  CSX also seemed to put older power on this train too, which doesn't bother me a bit.  Here it is head westbound(north)just hitting the Marion-Wyandot county line and just in front is the east end(south)of Harpster siding.  Looks like B36-7's doing the honor today.
This is the X147 just coming off the connection heading westbound(north)toward Fostoria and just passing MD tower at the Fairground St. crossing in Marion.
This was the sole yard power and local power for a week!  It was awsome seeing this MP15AC switching the Marion industries.

This is train Q598.  It goes from Indianapolis to Chicago, but since there was track work on the old MONON it had to come east to Marion go up around the connection then west out of Fostoria to get to Chicago.  It offered some good power though.  The train is just west of Marion on Route.95.  Here's the info as follows:
Thursday, November 7,2001
CSX Q598


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