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CSX Parsons Yard Gallery

My first visit to Parsons was in 1998.  I had just stated modeling and I needed to know some prototypical facts.  I would spend an hour or so after work taking photos to use in my pursuit of knowledge.  Yard personal were very friendly and they were not camera shy.  On September 11, 2001 our hobby was changed forever.  It has always been in the back on me head that one day I would be asked to leave.  In July 2007, that day came.  I noticed that ALL employees seemed on edge.  A CSX official walked up the car and asked what I was doing.  He politely asked me to leave.  It was like I had lost a friend. 

In the end, I am very happy that he was not rude about the situation. CSX has to do what ever it has to do to protect their employees and assets.  For nine years they over looked it. That did not mean "free ticket to photograph".

 No Trespassing. 

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