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Columbus Railfan Online

Pennsylvania Railroad E8's Visit Columbus.

On August 1, 2004 I decided to go to Cooke Rd.  because I had not gone out in a few weeks.  It was already late so I did not take the proper film or tripod. After seeing three trains I heard a rumor that the Ohio Central F Units where in town.  I decided not to investigate.  This rumor  changed to "Bennett Levin's restored PRR E-8's are parked near St. Clair and Gibbard Ave".  Dark, 100 speed film and NO tripod, go or don't go? I followed a friend the 4 miles and we arrived at 9:00pm. I used my digital camera to get a few shots before the 19 minuets of battery life was used up.  A rock and a old Taco Bell cup became my tripod.  I was able to use a tripod for a few shots.  The E units spent the night in Columbus after leaving the Dennison Train Festival. 


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