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I have like watching trains from way back in the steam age, when I was a kid, that was 55 years ago. I didn't have since enough though back then to take pictures. I got really interested in taking pictures when the Norfolk Western 611 steam train was brought back. Now I am addicted to watching trains and taking videos of them. Since I became ill with MS, I am either up at Cook Rd. watching trains or running my model railroad in the basement or on my computer. Watching trains let's me be around my train watching buddies like you Steve.

765.jpg (13533 bytes) Amtrak at Dale.jpg (19112 bytes) Amtrak at Hormosa Tunel.jpg (15714 bytes) Chessie and GT Willard Ohio.jpg (25537 bytes) BNSF at Cooke Rd.jpg (16212 bytes)
1218 runby in Va.jpg (20374 bytes) the 1218 in Virginia.jpg (24529 bytes) 611 Joyce Ave Cols O.jpg (18930 bytes) 1218 Portsmouth O.jpg (14800 bytes) UP 844.jpg (28037 bytes)
Union pacific train  at Hormosa Tunnel.jpg (24526 bytes) Chessie Caboose Marion Ohio.jpg (20909 bytes) circus train.jpg (31374 bytes) L&N Caboose Bethel Rd Cols O.jpg (15952 bytes)
Kaydee Wye.jpg (38474 bytes)

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