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Joe Snider Photo Gallery

    I am a native born Coloradoan growing up in Denver.  I am a US Army veteran having served in the Combat Engineers.  My initial career was with the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad where I worked for seven years in the Maintenance of Way and Mechanical Departments. After that I worked in the diesel generator and industrial engine area.  I finished my work career in HVAC. 

    I have have been a life long railfan and was greatly influenced by my mother who loved train travel and steam power.  She had a uncle who was a famous  Mechanical Department official with the Union Pacific.  I have photographed trains in at least 18 states and the countries of England, France,  and Japan.   I have Been photographing trains since 1956.  I have had pictures in Trains, Railfan & Railroad, CTC Board, and the publications of the UP Historical Society and of the Friends of the Burlington Northern RR.

    My wife's family is from the Columbus, Ohio area; and I have been photographing Ohio railroading since 1989.  I have had two Ohio Shots published in Railfan.  One at Scioto Tower and one east of Newark on the Ohio Central.


Ohio Central 1000 and 1001 outbound East of Coshocton, Ohio along US36
Ohio Central 1000 and 1001climbing Baltic Hill North of Fresno.
Ohio Central 1000 and 1001 just outside Sugar Creek, Ohio
Baltic crew pulling their trail into Sugar Creek Station to load and run around their train.
Baltic train with the Ohio Central 1293 passes the Ohio Central 6325 at Sugar Creek ,Ohio
Ohio Central 6325 on the return leg passes Conesville, Ohio.
Ohio Central 6325 on the return leg crosses the CSX  diamond at Newark, Ohio
Ohio Central 6325 accelerates off the CSX diamond  at Newark , Ohio on westbound leg.

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