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Cr7571kt.jpg (50953 bytes) This photo was taken about fall of 1992 while I was a YM in Toledo, OH I just love these old GP-9/10s!
4104kt.jpg (46231 bytes) Avon IN about spring 97 when CR was dumping all of the GP-10s this is just more proof positive that these old GP-9s really have seen it all from finishing off the last of steam to seeing dieseldoms 3rd! generation!
471kt.jpg (45214 bytes) Taken at Clearing yard in Chicago about fall of 1996 it is really hard to believe that the BRC even bothered to paint these as just a few months later they SOLD all of their GP-7s!! It sure is cool to see these veterans with ditch lights! and new paint not to mention that this guy has only worked for one owner for over the last 46 YEARS!!!!!
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Bar502kt.jpg (39610 bytes) This photo was taken spring of 1998  at the round house at Northern Maine Jct. this is one of only a very few remaining as built F-3s!!
Bar60kt.jpg (45324 bytes) This photo was taken in Bangor ME back in 1998 in the spring ALL of these veterans are now gone! 
bar24kt.jpg (38537 bytes) This photo was taken at the same time also at Bangor, ME.  It was bought 2nd hand from the AT&SF!
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Cr7582kt.jpg (46452 bytes) This photo was taken in the fall of 1992  in Toledo.  It sure is-well-was! great to see these old guys look shiny and new again! for about the 4th or 5th time!!!!
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Cr9358kt.jpg (43520 bytes) This photo was taken fall of 1992  in Toledo at the Stanley pad.  I don't think that 2 many of these old shooters got the big Q!!
Cr9503kt.jpg (45934 bytes) This photo was taken at the Toledo Union Station.   Check out the PC starting to show!!!!!!
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