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Conpac At A Glance Layout at a Glance

Name: Continental Pacific Terminal Railway

Scale: HO (1:87)

Prototype: Industrial switching areas across North America (e.g. Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Toronto, St. Louis, Detroit, Buffalo)

Period: Contemporary

Layout style: Walk-around (three sides)

Layout height: 48"

Room size: 8 by 20 feet

Benchwork: Plywood on 2 x 4 grid

Roadbed: AMI on plywood

Length of mainline run: N/A, but longest stretch is about 14 feet

Track: Atlas code 100 and 70

Turnouts: Varies, but mostly Atlas no. 6

Minimum radius: 32"

Maximum grade: 0

Scenery: Hydrocal over plywood

Backdrop: 1/8" artist's board with Walther's commercial backdrop

Control: Conventional DC

Notes: Expansion plans call for connection with a mainline to rest of room (point to loop) that will travel from the industrial area to downtown (incl. a passenger terminal), and then across the nearby mountain range.