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The Company Store at Rails to Raleigh will feature an HO Scale Durham & Southern 70-Ton 3-Bay 14-Panel Hopper car, manufactured by Stewart Hobbies (Bowser). This car can be reserved by filling in the appropriate information on the Registration Form (click here).

Several other items will also be available as outlined below.

Location: the Crescent Boardroom.

Items for Sale

Freight Car

The company store will feature a Stewart Hobbies (Bowser) 70-Ton, 3-Bay, 14-Panel Hopper car lettered for the Durham & Southern, as shown below.

The car is finished in black with white lettering. Five car numbers are available as is a sixth car with all lettering but no number.

Price: $15.00 if picked up at the convention. If shipped there is an additional charge of $5.00.

Other Items

Items to be sold at the Company Store include:

  • Raffle Items

  • MER Coffee Mug

  • MER Pin

  • Rails to Raleigh Pin

  • MER Patch

  • Accurail HO Scale RF&P 40' PS-1 Box Car

  • Micro-Trains N Scale WM 40' Box Car

  • Bunn's Seed & Feed Building Kit

  • The Locals (1997–2005) on CD

  • More

Orders will be taken for the Rails to Raleigh T-Shirts. These shirts will be made to order and shipped to the purchaser.


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