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Personal Profile — Rob Rousseau

Rob was born in south Florida but moved to Apex in 1985. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He's been with IBM since 2000.

Rob and his wife Courtney have two sons. They also have a dog and a parrot.

Rob is currently the webmaster for the old, original pre-1974 Norfolk & Southern Railroad Historical Society, As such, he enjoys modeling the old N&S along with the Durham & Southern and Aberdeen & Rockfish railroads.

Starting with a Tyco Southern Rwy train set one Christmas, Rob soon built a 6'x10' layout in his parent's garage. He attended a few Neuse River Valley club meets in the late 1980s. He befriended Jack Frame and Jack helped Rob wire his home layout. However, a few years later, Rob got his driver's license and went off to college. Railroading took the pass track for several years. While at NCSU, Rob worked at Thompson Theater doing stage lighting and also worked as a radio DJ at WKNC-FM 88.1.

It wasn't until 2000 that Rob went to the local Southern Junction show at the Fairground's Dorton Arena where be met Don Cariss and other friendly members of the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club. Rob decided to try N scale and was a member for a few years. He later joined the NMRA's CPD13 for the benefits of belonging to a National organization that covers all model railroad scales. Rob still appreciates the dedication and hard work that the NRMRC puts on at every train show!

Currently Rob has a 4'x8' layout where he can tinker with scenery and electrical issues. He recently had an addition built on to his house and is currently planning a new layout. More updates can be found here:

In addition to modeling, Rob enjoys railfanning the local North Carolina mainlines and shortlines. As such, he got into using radio scanners to listen to the prototypes. With encouragement from a few ham radio friends, he went and got his Ham radio license, KI4BKE in 2003.



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