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My new E-Pass is ready for issue for boarding

After visiting the Edmonton Train Show in September 2003 I got interested in building a model railroad after so many years of being out of the hobby. When I was a kid i was modeling HO scale and didn't really get to involved with scenery. So in October I went to the local hobby store and bought a inexpensive Model Power Train set with a CP F7 engine, few cars and a dozen or so pieces of flex track in N scale.

Met a few people that sold used train equipment and bought some switches and a few more Canadian cars and I was slowly closer to building my empire. The wife help me clear a small section of the basement out and built the frame work and laid out 2 old doors and i was all set to start laying the track.

As you will be able to tell I am modeling CP prairie, mountain operations during the late 60's to present. 

My layout is built on 2 doors about 7 feet by 5 feet with a small extension to place my yard on the opposite end, I have 2 4% grades with an elevation change of 2 inches between either door. There is also 2 tunnels near the top left corner and a bridge crossing the river along the back straight section and 1 that crosses the double tracks before entering the tunnel at the spiral section of track.

train3.jpg (30019 bytes) Old layout Click on the picture for a larger version layout.jpg (58730 bytes) CPPE Phase 2 track plan


I am trying to put as much pictures on this web page as possible so I can share my trains with anyone that visits. Slowly i plan to add email. If you want to say hi or see how things are progressing you can always send me a message at ,my user name there is cpNscale

If you would like to trade passes email me Send me a link for your model railroad site so I can visit.

Need help or tips on building your model railroad empire, visit Model-Train-Help

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