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Motive Power

Motive Power

CP F7.jpg (125772 bytes) Model Power F 7 CP 4103 This is the first diesel my budding railroad operated and still does on occasions.

CP GP7a.jpg (37853 bytes) Atlas GP 7 CP 8409 First Atlas engine I bought (used) and was very impressed on how they ran

gp35.jpg (60283 bytes) Atlas GP 35 CP 5019

sd40a.jpg (63049 bytes) Kato SD 40 CP 5556

SD-40b.jpg (63506 bytes) Kato SD 40 CP 6034 this engine should have been decaled for a SD 40-2.It is custom painted and decaled by a good friend of mine.

AC4400.JPG (114992 bytes) Newest addition to my fleet Kato AC 4400 9516