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Here is my first attempt at creating cars with some graffiti on them. Well I am getting my wife to draw on them with gel and paint markers, then I will seal them with dull coat. I am using a box car that I plan to repaint in CP colors anyway so if it doesn't turn out I will just strip and start fresh. When she gets the hang of it I plan to doodle on some of my good cars that are in CP markings. The pictures are a GN boxcar in 3 states, 1 before paint and 2 after some graffiti.

Before.jpg (100246 bytes) Before Graffit1.jpg (96627 bytes)  Graffiti Graffiti2.jpg (98794 bytes) Graffiti

Some more cars that have been vandalized!!!!!!

frisco2.jpg (97787 bytes) UPhopper.jpg (79010 bytes)

Here is my first attempts at weathering. I first sprayed the car with a matte varnish, then brushed on a mixture of black India Ink and washer fluid. When dry I then lightly brushed a powder of rust chalk along the the entire cars surface. I also dry brushed the trucks with the rust chalk.

Before UPbefore.jpg (126806 bytes)  weathered UPweath1.jpg (73314 bytes)  upweath2.jpg (93486 bytes) upweath3.jpg (125088 bytes) 

Bean busy trying some more weathering and graffiti on one of my CN Grain cars. I had my wife paint some art work to the sides then I did some light chalk weathering and sprayed with dullcoat.

Before cngr1.jpg (66120 bytes) Weathered and Graffiti cngr2.jpg (80542 bytes) cngr3.jpg (75959 bytes)

Centerline Cleaning car

DSCF0676.JPG (113675 bytes)