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CPR Van Located in Grand Bay, NB

This van has been reconditioned and is permanently on display in Grand Bay. It is used as a local tourist office. One cold winters day I took the time to go out and photograph it as reference material for the Juneco Caboose I was building.

Passenger Equipment in Bristol, NB

The Shogomoc Railroad Club has three examples of CPR Passenger equipment on display in Bristol, NB. They have also recently moved a CPR station from Florenceville, NB to their site in Bristol. The station and site are in precisely the same position as the original Bristol station. They are working hard at restoration. I will have pictures of the station soon. Until then enjoy the photos of the passenger equipment.

2816 Restoration

My good friend Ian Garton lives in BC and was able to get some photos of 2816 during it's restoration. Very interesting photos.

Royal Hudson Excursion

Again, thanks to Ian Garton for sharing these photos he took while taking an excursion trip behind the Royal Husdon in BC.

West Coast Rail Association

Again, thanks to Ian Garton! In Squamish, BC the West Coast Rail Association has several displays. First is a completely restored car from 1890. The second photo shows the interior undergoing restoration. Finally an F unit that is being repainted.

CPR Spreader

Thanks go out to Gavin Rees for sending me these photos of a Canadian Pacific Jordan spreader. By the looks of it's condition and the fact that the number was spray painted out on the cab, this unit was destined for the cutting torch. 

Canadian Pacific's Spanner Collectors Items

Canadian Pacific Railway published a magazine for it's employee's called the Spanner. My grandfather worked for the CPR in Windsor Station, Montreal in the tariffs office. Knowing my father was a rail buff, he often gave the magazines to my father. For 27 issues on the inside back cover there was an article written by Omer Lavallee outlining one type of CPR motive power. Each included a large photograph, description and specifications on classes. These were called Collectors' Items and I have scanned each one of these to share them here. Please note that all are around 200k and may take a while to download.

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